10 Ways to Make an Adult Labrador Retriever Happier and Healthier!

How to Make an Adult Labrador Retriever Happier and Healthier! - Healthier Pets Today

Almost all pet owners who want a new dog have considered getting a Labrador. Adult Labrador Retrievers, one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet, are most renowned for their unconditional love. When Labradors are pleased and excited, they display their best qualities. These breeds like pleasing their owners and eagerly await their directions. At the same time, you want to avoid bringing a new dog into your family to dull them.

There are several ways to keep your adult Labrador happy and healthy, and we will explore some of them. 


How to Make an Adult Labrador Retriever Happier and Healthier! -  Healthier Pets Today

Adult Labrador are high-energy dogs that require frequent exercise to stay fit, both physically and emotionally. If your dog has acquired significant weight without being overfed or has developed an excessive chewing habit, they are likely under-exercised.

A regular, healthy labrador needs one hour of exercise per day. If you have a laidback lifestyle, 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity should suffice. At the same time, puppies should avoid intense movement because their bones are delicate and tender at this stage. Five minutes of exercise every month of their age should suffice until they reach the age of one year.

Regular Grooming 

Adult Labrador retrievers shed a lot. You will notice them shedding a lot of hair during the autumn and spring. Though you cannot avoid shedding in labs, you may lower the pace of hair fall. Brushing their hair daily will keep them clean and reduce the amount of hair fall. Brushing also stimulates the skin’s natural oils, making their coats shiny.


Because adult labrador have such a sweet demeanor, most dog owners discontinue training after housebreaking. This can be dangerous because labs are a giant breed that can only be able to control with adequate training.

Because this breed is exceptionally bright, you can easily teach them orders and tricks. Also, praising them with tasty food goes a long way toward quickly training them.

Healthy Diet 

How to Make an Adult Labrador Retriever Happier and Healthier! -  Healthier Pets Today

Labradors are food-loving dogs. They may persuade their masters to give them what they see in front of their eyes. As a result, it is critical to provide children with food that is both tasty and nutritious.

A Labrador Retriever’s diet should be well-balanced and high in vitamins and minerals to support their growth and activity level while lowering the risk of specific ailments. Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods are also essential to maintain a healthy coat and decrease shedding.

Chew Toys

As previously stated, labradors may exhibit excessive chewing behavior if their regular workout requirements are not satisfied. They show this behavior even when you leave the house for a short time. As a result, having appropriate chew-resistant toys for your dog will be beneficial.

These toys keep youngsters occupied and provide a healthy outlet for their pent-up energy.

Give Them Love & Attention 

How to Make an Adult Labrador Retriever Happier and Healthier! -  Healthier Pets Today

Nothing may be more exciting for a labrador than an endless game of fetch with its owner. It is also one approach to forming a solid bond with them. Play with your lab whenever you can, indoors or outdoors.

Labradors enjoy fetch because they are a retriever breed designed to hunt. This game keeps them interested and offers them a sense of success every time they chase after their toy.

Give Them A Decent Social Life

It will be a crime if you do not socialize with a gorgeous breed like a labrador. They enjoy being around people and have the same passion for a toddler and an older adult. It is preferable to avoid tying your labs outside because they want to be a part of your family.

If you go for walks in the park regularly, bring them with you. If you believe your lab is overly exuberant, invest in a dog collar that will allow you to regulate them successfully.

Stimulate Them 

Healthy Labrador Retrievers have a lot of energy and drive. High-energy dogs have busy minds that demand as much, if not more, mental stimulus than physical stimulation. So you must put your intelligence to use.

This will assist you in controlling your dog’s behavior. A strong drive labrador needs mental stimulation to ‘cap’ that energy. You will teach your hyperactive dog to transition from an active to a capped condition. A low-drive dog’s power can be increased by mental stimulation.

Mental stimulation is equally as exhausting for a dog as the physical stimulus. However, it would be best if you were as invested as your dog for this to work. Maintain consistency! A puppy’s emotional and psychological growth is just as vital as its physical development.

Give Them Lots Of Good Treats 

How to Make an Adult Labrador Retriever Happier and Healthier! -  Healthier Pets Today

Labradors, like the rest of us, enjoy goodies. But it’s also critical that we feed them the right foods. While the occasional dog biscuit is acceptable, you may also want to include some healthy, natural alternatives. Here are some fun natural Labrador goodies to share with your canine companion:


Fruit in huge quantities is bad for your dog, but a couple of apple slices are a tasty treat. When cutting up an apple for the kids, why not save a couple of pieces for your Labrador? Fresh slices of seedless watermelon are an excellent treat for your Labrador, particularly on a hot day. They contain a lot of water and are an excellent method to keep your dog hydrated. Carrots are a favorite food of dogs. Crunching on them will provide a fun distraction, work their jaw muscles, and help remove some buildup around their teeth!


Fresh tripe for your Labrador can be obtained from your local butcher. It’s vibrant, so feed them only a little at a time – and I also recommend wearing gloves. The smell does not appeal to the human nose as much as to your dog’s! Best given in the garden, but your Labrador will appreciate it even more. When you share a piece of raw steak with your dog, whether venison or beef, he’ll believe he’s hit the jackpot. Use it as a delightful surprise with his dinner or a fantastic bonus reward for your training.

Other Treats

If you eat a lot of fresh fish, why not de-skin a couple of fillets before cooking them and set the skins aside for your dog? They will be easy to obtain if you aren’t a fish enthusiast but have a local fishmonger. Pig ears are widely available in pet stores, and most dogs adore them. They’re tough and chewy, so they’ll take a while to eat for many dogs! They are natural byproducts of the slaughtering process and should be free of chemicals and preservatives.

Once or twice a week, crack a raw egg into your Labrador’s bowl, and he’ll be very thankful. Some kibble-fed dogs are hesitant to eat eggs at first because the texture is so different from their regular food. If your dog is unsure, mix it with a fork first and try tipping a small amount over their typical dried food. This should make him realize what a delectable surprise he has in store for him.