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If you have pets, you are looking for the best vacuum for pets to ensure all carpets and floors daily to capture dander, dust, and dirt. High-traffic areas, such as entryways, living rooms, and kitchens, may require frequent vacuuming, whereas you can clean guest and formal dining rooms weekly.

There are vacuum cleaners for specific purposes, such as hardwood floors, high-traffic areas, and even homes with four-legged friends.

One of the biggest complaints about vacuums is that hair quickly becomes tangled in the bristles, rendering them ineffective at picking up extra fur until thoroughly (and laboriously) cleaned. Pet-cleaning machines have covers over the strands to prevent the matted effect and are usually bagless, so they don’t lose suction over time.

You should consider more than just whether a vacuum is labeled pet-friendly before purchasing it. These cleaning machines’ tools, accessories, and ease of use are all valuable features. Finally, if your vacuum is difficult to use, you’re unlikely to use it frequently enough to keep up with all that pet hair.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Vacuum For Pets | Healthier Pets Today

Consider these things when buying a vacuum to help manage your pet’s shedding. 

Weight: Because you probably don’t want to lug a heavy-duty vacuum from room to room, you should know how much it weighs. Cordless models typically weigh less than ten pounds, whereas corded models weigh between 15 and 20 pounds.

Cordless vs. corded: A cordless vacuum uses a battery rather than an outlet. A corded vacuum can run for longer, which is useful when your carpet requires a thorough cleaning. When deciding between the two, keep your available space in mind.

Dyson received the Best in Show award for its pet-hair performance and robust motor. (In Margaret Rhodes, Strategist senior editor’s words, it’s “undateable.”) The Ball Animal 2 is one of Dyson’s biggest models, nearly ten pounds heavier than other Dysons. However, it still provides industrial-strength cleaning without the size of industrial equipment. It’s a go-to for clean-ups at Bobbi Brown’s pet-friendly boutique hotel, the George. This “potent” vacuum lasts longer than a cordless vacuum, making it more practical for hotel staffers’ deeper cleans.

Dyson’s “tangle-free turbine tool” is an attachment designed to remove pet hair without twisting it into knots and contributes to the suction. Even though this vacuum is corded, Payton Cosell Turner, founder of the home-design firm Flat Vernacular and owner of three rescue cats, is a fan because it cleans area rugs with “absolute dexterity.” That cord also means there’s no time limit on run time, so it’ll keep going until you’re done cleaning. It’s an investment, but Laura Colagrande, the co-founder of the dog-treat company Chippin, assures us that the one she’s had for years is still going strong.

If your home has a combination of flooring, this Shark model comes highly recommended by Jon Gibbons at Smart Vacuums. He calls it a “massive bargain” for what you get, which includes the brand’s signature DuoClean floorhead with a soft roller for hard floors and a brush bar for carpets. According to Gibbons, this feature consists of a newer version of Shark’s aptly named “Power Fins” brushes, designed to give carpets an even deeper clean and hard floors a shine. Gibbons describes the Vertex as one of the most potent Shark suction models. And technically, the detachable pod, which is intended for use on stairwells, makes this a two-in-one.

A Little More Information: Best Vacuum For Pets

Best Vacuum For Pets | Healthier Pets Today

The Dyson V11, equally lauded as the Ball Animal 2, is your best bet for a pet-specific cordless vacuum (remember the tie we discussed before). Rebecca Fadden, the founder of the dog-accessories brand Finn + Me, alternates between the head attachments to pick up the lumps of hair that her hypoallergenic Goldendoodle sheds so she can easily switch between carpet and couches. Rita Li, the founder of the pet-accessories brand Rororiri, uses her V11 in her business, which sees various breeds daily and must be cleaned regularly.

The vacuum is lightweight and easily moved around displays and underneath furniture. And, because the vacuum cleaner has its charging station, it is suitable for the frequent cleanings performed by the Bond Vet staff (rather than scheduling hours-long sessions).

Sara Ochoa, a veterinary consultant for DogLab, recommends the Shark Pet Plus as an alternative under $200. It has two settings for switching between different surfaces: one for deep cleaning carpets (even thick ones) and the other for hard floors. Ochoa appreciates how simple it is to switch between the two while vacuuming, ensuring no missed spots. This model has risen above her dogs, cats, and even a bunny whose hair seemed to float around the house. Her cat now has a chair that he enjoys sleeping in (and shedding on), but the handheld function grabs the fur so well that it “looks like he has never been there.” It’s also simple to clean, with a dust cup that empties quickly without getting pet hair stuck inside.

Best Vacuum For Grooming Pets

Best Vacuum For Pets | Healthier Pets Today

Grooming is just one of the many messy responsibilities of owning a pet. While taking them to a groomer is nice, we cannot always afford or have the time. Furthermore, we sometimes need to touch their coats between grooming treatments.

The Keepow tool made a list because it provides numerous benefits while having few drawbacks. You can remove excess fur from the overcoat and the undercoat with flexible bristles. As a result, there will be fewer fur clumps on your carpet, furniture, and in your car.

One absolute best aspect of this vacuum attachment is its simplicity but effectiveness. There are no actual mechanics. Attach it to any compatible Dyson vacuum and brush your pet like a regular grooming brush. The Dyson Groom collects the fur while the Dyson Groom removes it.

The Dyson Groom is perfect for anyone with a pet who owns or plans to purchase a Dyson vacuum.

The Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush is an excellent choice if you have a pet with a thin to medium-thick coat. It’s also a good option if your pet is allergic to brushes with more rigid bristles. It has softer bristles than some of the other pet grooming products on our list.

This vacuum attachment includes a plastic barrier that allows you to adjust the depth of the bristles based on your pet’s coat and needs. This pet groomer will only fit vacuums with an inner diameter of 1-1/4′′, so measure your vacuum attachment before purchasing.

How To Handle Anxious Pets Around Vacuum Cleaners – Best Vacuum For Pets

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Aside from their superior sense of smell, dogs can hear sound frequencies that are at least three times higher than the human ear. Like thunderstorms, many dogs are terrified of vacuums because of the machine’s loud, high-frequency noises.

To find the Best Vacuum For Pets, here is what you should do! Begin by leaving the vacuum cleaner out (but turned off) and rewarding your dog or cat for being in the same room with treats and praise. Allow the vacuum to sit for several days, moving it from room to room (but never too near where your pet sleeps, eats, or eats the litter box).

The next step is to turn on the vacuum cleaner in another room. Having someone else run the cleaner while you remain with your pet and offer treats is beneficial.

Once your pet is used to hearing the cleaner from a safe distance, try putting it on in the same place but facing away from your pet. As a reward for not leaving, give them treats.