Bravecto vs Nexgard and How to Win the War on Fleas

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Are you torn between Bravecto and Nexgard? Let’s break it down! Flea and tick pills have changed over time. Pet owners can select from various solutions, such as chewables, tablets, and spot-on treatments. Chewables are the most popular because they are the simplest to use. Pet parents face a problem when choosing a chewable despite all of this. Pet parents utilize Bravecto and Nexgard, two products that are popular worldwide.

Flea Life Cycle

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The Centers for Disease Control state that various environmental factors influence flea life cycles. Warm conditions are ideal for flea growth, and they typically, though not always, die in the winter.

Even though flea eggs are tiny, they are visible if you look closely. They have a light or white tint and are smooth. A single adult female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifespan. These eggs can be deposited in tall grass, deep within the carpet, or your pet’s fur.

Under perfect circumstances, fleas can develop from an egg to an adult in two to three weeks. Fleas can survive for up to 100 days as adults.

Within a day of hatching, fleas are ready to feed, and they can start sucking blood within ten seconds of touching a host.

Flea larvae can wait months for better conditions to develop if the weather isn’t ideal and there isn’t a host to feed on. This is a significant factor in why managing infestations can be so challenging.

The Key Similarities

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  • Bravecto and Nexgard are chewable, and both types of medication are oral and relatively simple to administer.
  • Bravecto and Nexgard successfully kill fleas while preventing reinfestation for weeks.
  • These two chewables are also quite good at getting rid of ticks and keeping them away for weeks.
  • Bravecto and Nexgard can have a chance to lay eggs and accomplish it quite well.

The Key Differences

  • Bravecto contains fluralaner, Nexgard contains afoxolaner.
  • Nexgard is only suitable for puppies six weeks or older.
  • Bravecto and Nexgard are administered as single doses; however, the interval between each administration differs.
  • Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim makes Nexgard, while Bravecto is directly from the Merck business.
  • They are slightly different in price.
  • Nexgard chewables have a beef flavor and are significantly more flavorful than Bravecto chews, which are just delicious chews.
  • Bravecto chews start fighting fleas within two hours of treatment; Nexgard gets rid of all fleas in the area daily.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Fleas At Home?

Fleas are often killed in a day or two, but only if you bathe your pet regularly and treat it with flea medications. Even with the best tools and techniques, every last flea could take a few weeks to die. Fleas can lay large numbers of eggs very quickly; some are resistant to insecticides and medications. If you own a large property or have multiple pets, it may take longer to kill them all. The secret to a flea infestation is patience. 

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Yard

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  • Fleas prefer areas that are warm, humid, and shaded. Fleas avoid regions directly exposed to the sun because they can get too hot. Seeing where your pet prefers to lie down may probably help you identify problem areas.
  • Here’s how to get rid of fleas once you’ve identified your target zones:
  • Regularly mow your grass and give the exposed areas a good rake-out. Fleas prefer the tall grass for hiding. Ensure that the contents are bagged instead of added to your compost pile.
  • Clear rubbish from flowerbeds and under bushes, including dead leaves and twigs. As much of the shaded portions as possible should be exposed to sunshine.
  • Apply cedar chips to flower beds, under bushes, and anywhere your pet likes to curl up. The fragrance repels fleas! Moreover, sulfur (liquid or powder) is believed to ward off fleas and stop them from hatching.
  • At your neighborhood gardening store, find out more about nematodes, tiny worms that can consume insect larvae.
  • Don’t overwater. This may produce the ideal humid environment for flea growth.

How To Get Rid Of Your Pet’s Fleas

  • It would help if you took immediate action to stop fleas from spreading.
  • Though sometimes a closer inspection is necessary, you can spot the insects bouncing about on your pet’s fur. You can find adult fleas or their eggs with a flea comb. Using a moist towel to dab at your pet’s bedding or skin will reveal flea filth, which is flea excrement that appears as red dots.
  • Usually, a combination of strategies is needed to combat a flea infestation. Cleaning is always necessary, even using a topical flea treatment or spray. Because fleas lay a lot of eggs, the cycle may restart if you need to be more careful.
  • Use a topical medication to eradicate fleas. The US Food and Drug Administration cautions trusted sources to be very careful while selecting the appropriate formula and following instructions in the letter. Pet type, age, and weight are used to sort topical dosages. Efficiently dispersing among fleas, flea treatments such as Frontline or Revolution kill adult fleas and prevent new ones from hatching. Most fleas can be eliminated in a few hours, but the full impact of a topical medicine may not show up for many days.
  • Apply an oral medication to eradicate fleas. Topicals directly target fleas, but oral medications or chewables enter fleas’ mouths after they bite your pet.
  • Use a pet-safe spray to eliminate fleas. On contact, fleas can be killed with flea sprays. Numerous household sprays are hazardous to animals and are not pet-safe. Before letting people or pets back into the room, always follow the directions and ensure the space is clear or dry.

Bravecto vs Nexgard

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Both Bravecto and Nexgard are equally great products, each with its strengths, yet still effective. As with any other product, it would be best to consult your vet before giving it to your pet.