The Cat Scratch Game – How to Play With Your Furry Friend


The cat scratch game – or hide and seek? Healthier Pets Today will take you through how to play with your cat!

Cats are obsessed with playing. What they love more than playing is scratching. There are various scratch games you could play with your cat. These games often require toys, but seeing your cat excited is worth the cost. Try to play with your cat for 20 minutes a day will keep their hunting instinct alive, and it’s fun for you too.

Introducing Your Kitten To PlayCat Scratch Game

cat scratch game | Healthier Pets Today

When you first get your cat, you might be unsure as to how to initiate play. As your cat grows older, they’ll play differently. By the time they reach 14 weeks, their play is directed more towards objects. They’ll prowl, pat and stalk toys, and bite their toy in the end. 

How to Initiate Play:

  • Play for short sessions every day to get them used to the new routine. 
  • Let your cat grab the toy and bite it at the end of each game. 
  • Be sure to provide your cat with a variety of toys. 
  • Remember to clean up all strings and toys at the end of each session, so no harm comes to your kitten. 
  • Never force your kitten to play with you or to be trained. Cats are independent and will do things at their own pace. 

Games You Could PlayThe Cat Scratch Game

cat scratch game | Healthier Pets Today

There are a variety of games you could play with your cat. Cats use their nails when they play, so be sure to hide your hands and feet. 

Kitty Fetch:

Believe it or not, your cat has the ability to play fetch! Similar to a dog, your cat will fetch the toy and bring it back to you to throw again. 

How to play:

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the right toy. A soft little ball will work perfectly. However, it needs to be small enough for your cat to be able to carry it in their mouth but big enough to ensure that they don’t choke.

You’ll begin by introducing the toy and then throwing it. Your cat will leap to chase it and then bring it back to you to throw again. When they bring the toy back, it’s time for some positive reinforcement. Give them gentle pets or a nice treat so they’ll want to fetch again. If your cat is lazy and won’t bring the toy all the way back to you, encourage them to do so. When they’re learning the game, you might need to get up and fetch the toy on their behalf in order to throw it again. 

Crinkle Toys:

cat scratch game | Healthier Pets Today

Cats are obsessed with toys that make a little crinkle sound. You won’t need these fancy toys that come from pet shops. A piece of paper will do just fine!

How to play:

Take the crinkle toy or piece of paper and grab their attention by making the noise. They’ll go into hunt mode to try and find it. Once they realise the toy is with you, roll it towards them and watch them play. Every now and again, try and take the toy from them to put them on the hunt again. 

Fish for a Cat:

This interactive game will surely keep your cat busy for hours. It’s quick fun, and you’ll enjoy watching your cat run and grab the toy.

How to play:

A great way to catch a cat is with a little stick, string, and a feather. Think of it as fishing for a cat, where the feather will be bait. 

You’ll dangle the feather in your cat’s view and watch as they jump, leap and run to catch it. Dangle the toy over furniture and under couches. The obstacle course you create will act as a great exercise for your cat and provide you with a lot of laughter. 

Hide and go Cat:

You’ve probably noticed how common things can amuse your cat. This will be a fun and easy game to play with your cat after a long day out!

How to play:

Before you dispose of that paper bag, play a game with your cat first. Cats love paper bags and the sound they make. 

Place the paper bag on the floor on its side. Your cat will explore it on his own. Once your cat has hidden in the bag, begin to poke and scratch at him and watch as he tries to seek your hand. Next, move your hand all over the bag, making different scratching and poking sounds. This is a fun interactive game that both you and your cat will enjoy. 

Laser Shenanigans:

cat scratch game | Healthier Pets Today

It is no secret that cats love lasers! So turn this into a fun and interactive game that will ensure your cat gets much-needed exercise.

How to play:

The first step is to purchase a laser light. These are often cheap and provide hours of fun. 

Shine the light on their catch scratcher and various other surfaces that are safe to scratch and jump up against. A wall works great as well. Start by shining the laser low on the wall and moving it up higher and higher. Your cat will jump up against the wall to catch the target and repeat when they realize they can’t reach it. You can move the laser around the floor as well and enjoy your cat running up and down trying to catch it. 

Making Your Own Cat ScratcherThe Cat Scratch Game

You can easily make your own cat scratcher from scratch. The materials can be obtained from any second-hand shop. Perhaps you have some material lying around. 

You’ll need:

  • A piece of carpet
  • A piece of wood
  • A carpet cutter
  • Hot glue or carpet glue

Step 1: Cut the carpet and wood to your desired shape or size.

Step 2: Firmly glue the piece of carpet onto the wood, ensuring that there are no bubbles.

Step 3: Let dry overnight.

Step 4: Set it up against or on your desired surface.

Step 5: Introduce your cat to their new scratch post and save your couches from being ruined.

The Purr-fect Game – The Cat Scratch Game

The purr-fect game will be for you and your cat to decide. Mostly your cat and the cat scratch game. Give these games a go and see if it’s something that interests your feline friend. Always ensure that all toys are clean and pet safe. Your kitty will thank you for it.