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This is what you need to know about the dog breed Jack Russel!

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The dog breed, Jack Russell, is usually about 10 to 15 inches tall. After some cross-breeding, there are some Jack Russells with longer legs. The long-legged Jack Russells are now called Parson Russell Terriers. The Parson Russell Terriers stand 13 – 14 inches tall. They may seem a similar height to the Jack Russell dog breed; however, in their build, their legs are a lot longer than those of a Jack Russell. 


A Jack Russell terrier typically weighs between 13-17 pounds, whether male or female. In some breeds, the gender of the dog affects its weight range. This is not the case with the dog breed Jack Russell. 


Jack Russells are found in multiple colors. You get brown and white Jack Russels, black and white Jack Russells, and pure white Jack Russells. The primary factor in the shade of Jack Russell is that they always have a white base color and then either have black or brown marks in different shapes, similar to the markings found on black and white milk cows. 


Jack Russell puppies are born with three different types of coats. They either have smooth, rough, or broken skin. In some cases, Jack Russels are found to have long hair. For the most part, Jack Russels have a short coat, though Jack Russels are among the dog breeds with a double-layered coat. They have an undercoat that helps regulate their temperature, keeping them warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. The top layer of their coat or their topcoat serves the purpose of protecting their undercoat from any outside stimuli. 

Dog Breed Jack Russell Shedding

dog breed jack russell - Healthier Pets Today

Brushing and bathing aid in reducing shedding. Even though most Jack Russels have short hair, they still shed. Jack Russell shed a relative amount throughout the year, but since they are a double-coated breed, as we mentioned above, they shed more during the change of seasons twice a year, from winter to spring and summer to autumn.

Brushing your Jack Russell puppy at least once a week will significantly reduce the amount of shedding. Bathing your Jack Russell will also help reduce shedding and keep your puppy smelling clean and fresh. Bathing should be done only sometimes, though, as it can irritate their skin. You can bathe your Jack Russell once a month, but even once every three months, if they’re still smelling decent, is alright. 

Dog Breed Jack Russell Temperament 

dog breed jack russell - Healthier Pets Today

Jack Russells are easily excited, and they are high-energy dogs. They love to have a purpose. They enjoy being your friend and helping you out. Jack Russells are intelligent animals and were initially bred as hunting dogs. They make great friends and guardians for kids. If you let your kids roam around in a forest and are cautious of snakes and other creatures, send your Jack Russell with the kids as a kind of scout to alert them of any possible dangers. 

Jack Russells are instinctive hunters, which can not be trained away, so if your family has hamsters or cats or any smaller pets, the chances are high that your Jack Russell will think they are prey that needs to be caught. There are some cases in the minority, though, of Jack Russels getting along with cats, but you should not put your hope on that. 

Jack Russell Training 

Jack Russells are relatively easy to train as they enjoy having a purpose, as we mentioned earlier. Jack Russel’s training should take place earlier in their life rather than later. As the saying goes, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, or it is difficult for an older dog to unlearn certain unbecoming behaviors.

When appropriately trained, Jack Russell can be trained to do many tricks and learn helpful behaviors. You can train them to do anything virtually within reason. You can teach Jack Russell to use the bathroom in a particular area and fetch your slippers. Some Jack Russells have even been known to climb trees. 

Dog Breed Jack Russell Health

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Unfortunately, many health problems come with a small dog, such as a Jack Russell terrier. They can struggle with anything ranging from joint disorders like elbow and hip dysplasia patellar luxation, heart disease, and liver disease. They may have dental problems. They are also at risk for eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, or even PLL, otherwise known as primary lens luxation.

This is when the eye’s lens moves out of place and can block circulation. The lens moves out of business because the material holding the lens in suspension degrades and breaks down. This is a disease passed down through the family and may cause glaucoma. Jack Russell s can struggle with epilepsy and some other conditions as well. Since they are intelligent creatures, if they are not engaged mentally, they can have mental health issues causing them to act out destructively. 

Dog Breed Jack Russell Lifespan

The energetic dogs that are the Jack Russell breed generally live between 13 and fifteen years; the oldest recorded Jack Russell lives to be 25 years old. 

Best Diet for Dog Breed Jack Russel

dog breed jack russell - Healthier Pets Today

Jack Russell thrives on a diet rich in protein and omega three. As previously mentioned, they are intelligent and require some brain food. Great food to feed Jack Russells include properly cooked organs and meat such as beef, fish, or poultry.

Jack Russell’s diet should be meat-based. Still they can, however, enjoy certain fruits and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, and peas. Your Jack Russell should avoid raisins, grapes, anything in the chive family, and macadamia nuts. Also, all dogs, including Jack Russell, should be kept from apparent food items such as caffeine, chocolate, and xylitol.

There is a chance that your Jack Russell may have some food allergies, so keep an eye out for any itchy skin, red patches, and excessive biting. If you notice any of these signs in your Jack Russell after feeding them a new food, they may have an allergy and should see a vet asap. 

Origin of Dog Breed Jack Russel

Jack Russell originated in England, where a man named Reverend John Russell experimented with breeding dogs to make the perfect working terrier. He bred Jack Russell to assist in fox hunting, which he intended for them to flush out the fox through barking. Killing the fox was the hunter’s job. Jack Russell has broad genetics, causing the long-legged and short-legged versions, but this caused the dispute, causing them to become two separate breeds, as we mentioned at the start of our article. 

Conclusion Dog Breed Jack Russel

Jack Russell may seem like a handful with various health issues, possible allergies, and high-energy personalities, but if you are up for the challenge, these dogs will be so worth it. Their loyalty is virtually unmatched, and their companionship is coveted by many. Jack Russell will go to the ends of the earth for their owners, and they will help your life be full of love and excitement.