Golden Retrievers

This is what you need to know about the male/female golden retriever and golden retriever puppies!

female golden retriever/golden retriever puppies - Healthier Pets Today!


On average female golden retrievers are about 51-56 cm tall, and male golden retrievers are 56-61 cm tall. There have been golden retrievers recorded as tall as 76 cm at shoulder height. 


Female golden retrievers can weigh anything between 25 & 32 kilograms, and male golden retrievers can weigh anything from 30 – 34 kilograms when fully grown. The heaviest recorded golden retriever was a whopping 78 kilograms, about as hefty as a well-built female human. 


As the name indicates, golden retrievers tend to have a gold color, but even gold comes in different shades. You get a cream golden retriever, a dark golden retriever, a light golden retriever, and the classic golden retriever. You can even get a white golden retriever, also known as an albino golden retriever. As with humans, you can say someone is blonde, but they could be light blonde, white blonde dirty blonde, etc. 


Golden retrievers have long hair which can tangle and knot if not brushed regularly. They also have a ‘double coat,’ meaning an undercoat and a top coat of their fur. The purpose of the double coat is to help regulate their temperature when it is extremely hot or icy. Their top coats are pretty thick and virtually water resistant where, whereas their undercoats are thinner, their undercoats are doing the hard work to keep their temperature regulated. 

Shedding Of A Cute Golden Retriever

female golden retriever/golden retriever puppies - Healthier Pets Today!

Golden retrievers shed a small amount of hair during most of the year, but twice a year, they have a ‘shedding season’ which lasts between two and three weeks. During this time, they lose their winter or summer coats and exchange them for the other once again to help them regulate their temperature according to the weather and the season.

They shed mainly their undercoats during these so-called shedding seasons. Bath and brush your golden retriever often to keep shedding to a minimum outside their shedding seasons. If you notice your golden retriever shedding more than they should outside their usual shedding schedules, it may be wise to take your golden retriever for a check-up at the vet. Unusual shedding may be a cause of an underlying health problem. Regular grooming is also helpful in reducing the amount of shedding. 

Temperament A Cute Golden Retriever

female golden retriever/golden retriever puppies - Healthier Pets Today!

Golden retrievers are some of the most sought-after dogs in America, and when you understand their nature, you see why they are such a popular dog breed. Golden retrievers are ideal family dogs. If you’re starting a family and looking for a dog to be a companion to your kids, look no further than a golden retriever.

They are trustworthy, people-pleasing, outgoing dogs. They are very friendly, they are kind, they are reliable, they are super bright, and they’re confident, making them excellent pets.

Suppose you are old enough to remember the series of movies involving a golden retriever named Buddy. In that case, you are well aware that golden retrievers enjoy being active and love being part of something larger than themselves.

Golden retrievers have a lot of energy that needs to be utilized in productive ways, like going on walks and playing fetch; otherwise, they may engage in destructive behavior involving your furniture. Golden retrievers love playing outside, and since they’re bred initially to retrieve the birds that hunters shot from the water, they also love to swim. 

Health A Cute Golden Retriever

female golden retriever/golden retriever puppies - Healthier Pets Today!

Most golden retrievers live whole and healthy lives with no issues; however, there are exceptions to the rule, unfortunately, and sometimes inbreeding plays a role. When you’re starting the process to have a golden retriever join your family, if you aren’t adopting from a shelter but are purchasing your cute golden retriever from a breeder, please make sure that it is a reputable breeder who follows the proper protocols to ensure the health of the golden retriever puppies and the female golden retriever who carried the puppies.

One of the issues that may arise if your golden retriever enjoys swimming is a condition called ‘hot spots; this is when there are small spots of inflammation on your golden retriever caused by infection from bacteria.

These can occur anywhere on your retriever, but most of the time, they will be on their hips, under their necks, or close to their ears. Thankfully hot spots are easily treated and also preventable. Keeping up to date with their tick and flea preventative care, staying on top of any allergies, and ensuring they are properly and thoroughly dried off after a swim all work towards preventing hot spots.

If, however still get a hot spot, there are ointments and oral medications that can take care of the infections in no time. Golden retrievers may also struggle with ear infections. If you notice them shaking or tilting their heads, you should check their ears to see if there is any redness or discharge. They may also be rubbing their ears on items in your home, like the furniture or the carpet, and you may notice a smell coming from their ears.

If any or more than one of these factors is present for your golden retriever, then a trip to the vet is to get the ear infection treated. You can also take preventative measures by cleaning their ears every couple of weeks and ensuring they are dry after they swim or have a bath. 

The lifespan of A Cute Golden Retriever

A healthy golden retriever has a lifespan of between 10 & 12 years; the oldest recorded golden retriever lived to be 20 years and 11 months old, a female golden retriever from Tennessee. 

Best Diet for A Cute Golden Retriever

female golden retriever/golden retriever puppies - Healthier Pets Today!

Your golden retriever needs a balanced diet, including fat, minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber. The most crucial thing in a golden retriever’s diet is its protein; fat is the second most vital part. Some great protein sources for your golden retriever include yogurt, cooked eggs, and then your standard meats, turkey, fish, beef, lamb, and chicken.

Some healthy fat sources for your golden retriever include safflower oil and chicken fat. Great sources of fiber for your golden retriever include whole oats, brown rice, and barley.

Golden retrievers can also enjoy multiple fruits like strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, pears, bananas, apples, melons, and peaches. With all good things in life, moderation is vital, so stay on the safe side by feeding your golden retriever small quantities of the fruits mentioned above, as too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

Also, be wary if your dog has any allergies. It may be a wise idea to ask your vet to run an allergy panel while your golden retriever puppy is young so that you can avoid any mishaps. Your dog may also develop allergies later in life, so keep an eye on them if you introduce any new foods into their diets or notice them not as inclined to eat a food they have enjoyed for most of their life.

Sometimes allergies manifest as an upset stomach with diarrhea and vomiting. Other times it may manifest as a skin rash or even with them developing a cough out of nowhere. It may be wise always to have some pet-friendly allergy medication handy just in case your cute golden retriever encounters something they’re not supposed to.