How Long Do Bunnies Live?


How long do bunnies live is a question that begs to be answered – Healthier Pets Today plans on answering that for you today!

Bunnies have always been trendy pets. However, since their owners have taken their quality of care seriously, their lifespans have increased. We are aware that many factors affect your pet’s lifespan, and having a bunny is no different. 

The History of Bunnies as Pets

How long do bunnies live? | Healthier Pets Today

Our domesticated pet bunnies aren’t the same as the wild cottontail bunnies we see in the wild. Did you know that pet rabbits and wild rabbits are technically different species? However, they are still relatives from the same family. For years people have hunted rabbits for food and fur, but in the 19th century, people began regarding them as pets. If you look into the late 20th century, you’ll see that bunnies were a very common pet and could be found in many American homes. Since then, their popularity has only increased. As people realized how wonderful it is to have a bunny as a pet, the quality of care improved. 

How Long Do Bunnies Live According to The Breeds 

How long do bunnies live? | Healthier Pets Today

The average lifespan of a pet bunny is between 5 and 10 years. However, certain breeds of pet bunnies are known to live longer than others. Like dogs, the miniature or dwarf breed bunnies tend to have a longer lifespan than the larger breeds. Breeds such as dwarf rabbits, mini lops, and the other tinier breeds will often live to see double digits, whereas the larger species such as French lops and Flemish giants will not. 

Bunny Nutrition 

How long do bunnies live? | Healthier Pets Today

Just like all other animals, your bunny requires specific nutritional foods to ensure that they live their longest and most entire lives. Over the years, it has become clear that what we feed our pet bunnies directly impacts their lifespan. Nutrition is essential to maintain the overall health of your bunny. If your bunny isn’t receiving the proper vitamins, minerals, fiber content, and other essential ingredients, they won’t be as healthy and therefore not live as long. 

Special pellets, hay, and vegetables should make up your bunny’s diet. It is okay to give your pet bunny some treats and fruits but in moderation. It’s essential to ensure that your bunny’s diet is balanced to stay healthy. It’s not recommended to feed your bunny only pellets from the pet store as it could be lacking in specific minerals they need. 

Bunny Health

How long do bunnies live? | Healthier Pets Today

The food you feed is not the only thing that could affect your bunny’s health. Bunnies can get sick, too. They are also prone to parasites. If you leave these health issues untreated, it could shorten your bunny’s life. It’s essential to practice good hygiene around your bunny. Wash your hands before handling them, along with regular cage cleaning, are good examples of how to keep your bunny healthy. Taking your bunny for regular checkups by the vet will ensure that you catch any possible illnesses early enough to be treated. 

Spaying or neutering your bunny would also improve their lifespan. Females are prone to mammary and uterine cancers, and male bunnies can develop testicular cancer. If you get your bunny spayed or neutered, you will decrease the likelihood of developing cancer. This will increase the odds of them living a long life. 

Bunny Lifestyle 

Bunnies are pretty intelligent animals. However, they require a lot of space and mental stimulation. Many people think that keeping their bunnies in a cage is sufficient. This is untrue. Bunnies can live indoors and outdoors. However, they require ample space, such as a bedroom to call their own. Toys and things to chew on are also essential items to play on. This will ensure that they’re stimulated and happy. If your bunny doesn’t receive the proper space and enrichment, it might not be as healthy as bunnies. This could drastically decrease their lifespan. 

Your bunny deserves a calm home. Stress is not suitable for your bunny, and extreme amounts can cause your bunny to die. If a dog or cat taunts your bunny, a child grabs it, or if your bunny is hurt, they can go into shock and die. It’s best never to let your bunny roam unsupervised. 

How Long Do Bunnies Live – The Oldest One

How long do bunnies live? | Healthier Pets Today

If you look at the Guinness World Records, you’ll find the oldest rabbit ever to live was a wild-born rabbit named Flopsy. Flopsy had been caught by his owner in 1964 and lived a long and happy life with his owner. Flopsy was slightly more than 18 years old when he passed, making him the most senior bunny in history. 

All in a Hop

The quality of life your bunny receives will directly impact their lifespan. You must keep your bunny away from external stressors to ensure they don’t go into shock and die. Be sure to feed them good nutritional food and provide them with enough stimulation. This will ensure that your bunny lives a long and happy life.