How To Make a Dog Throw Up?


We have all been in a situation where our dog has eaten something they definitely should not have, the first natural thought you may have is “how to make a dog throw up”, and you are right, this is the correct way to go about an incorrect eating habit!

As with a human, you would start to panic and wonder what to do next. Of course, our first thought is to make them throw up. Unfortunately, inducing vomiting in your dog is bound to happen in dog ownership.

When Should My Dog Throw Up

How to make a dog throw up | Healthier Pets Today

Suppose your dog has ingested something they shouldn’t have, such as chocolate. Making them throw up is often the best course of action. Inducing vomiting in your dog could assist them in getting rid of unhealthy toxins before it starts damaging their organs or causes organ failure. Making your dog throw up sounds easy, but you could cause more harm than good if not done correctly. 

Your pup can make themselves nauseous enough to throw up by themselves. If they are unable and you have to induce vomiting, it is best to have the vet or anyone specializing in animals or animal care close by to guide you. 

You must identify what your dog has ingested to know how to handle the situation correctly. Sharp objects or other unfamiliar objects could cause more harm than going down. For example, when a dog swallows pieces of cloth (which some dogs do), it may cause trouble going in and coming out again if it does come out naturally. 

Making your dog throw up might be bad for the breed. There are breeds such as Brachycephalic breeds that could be at high risk for illnesses because of the toxins in their body. Since they are such fragile breeds, their bodies might not be able to handle the shock of unintentionally throwing up. 

Why Hydrogen Peroxide

How to make a dog throw up | Healthier Pets Today

A doggy safety kit is a great carry-on to invest in. Ensure that it has hydrogen peroxide 3% solutions in it. Giving your dog hydrogen peroxide can act as a solution and buy you some time to get your dog to the veterinary. It can work in 5 minutes but typically can take up to 15 minutes before your dog might start to vomit, and vomiting could last for up to 45 minutes. Any dog showing the following symptoms should not be given hydrogen peroxide 3% unless instructed otherwise by the vet: 

  • Vomiting by themselves for a while
  • Lethargic
  • Comatose 
  • Decreased Swallowing capabilities 
  • Breathing heavily 
  • Seizure or hyperactive activity 
  • Has had abdominal surgery recently 
  • Consumed a sharp object or drugs 

Step by Step Instructions

How to make a dog throw up | Healthier Pets Today

Be sure to always phone your vet first before administering any treatments. This will ensure that you are choosing the right solutions for your dog and their situation. Ensure you keep vomiting inducing medication on hand if a situation similar to this were to arise!

  1. Try giving your dog small portions of food to try to get them to throw up by themselves.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution is the only hydrogen solution that is safe for your pet. Ensure to give your dog the proper dosage. Phone your vet to ensure that you administer the correct dosage for your dog’s weight and breed.
  3. The solution must be given orally. Use a feeding syringe to administer the correct dosage. If possible, ask someone to assist you. Pull back your dog’s lips and squirt the solution in from the side at the back teeth.
  4. Try to give the dosage without your dog sniffing the solution, as it may cause complications with their breathing. Once your dog starts to throw up, make sure to grab a sample for your veterinarian for them to do tests to see what your dog has ingested if you were unable to identify the object or substance.
  5. Stay with your dog to ensure there are no complications during the process.
  6. Make an appointment at the vet for a check-up once the process has been completed to ensure your pup is still healthy and happy.

Be sure to induce vomiting before the toxins have been inside of the dog for more than 2 to 6 hours. After this period any toxins can become dangerous and even fatal for your pup!

In The End – How to Make Your Dog Throw Up

In situations like these, time is limited, and anything can go wrong within minutes. Handle the situation with caution and don’t take any risks. Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. The veterinarian will be able to assist you. The vet will ensure that your pup is healthy and ready to live a long and happy life with you.