The Top 7 Best Benefits of Choosing Open Farm Dog Food for Your Pup!

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Open farm dog food – Learn more with Healthier Pets Today! If you’re about to become a new pet parent, congrats! 

This is an exciting journey for every new parent. As puppies grow, proper nutrition is integral to their development. 

Unfortunately, selecting the right food for your new pup can be confusing. It’s our goal to help make feeding your new family member a little easier so you can focus on the late-night cuddles and training!

To ensure your sweet puppy gets the proper nutrition from premium ingredients, try feeding them one of the Puppy Foods from Open Farm dog food. 

These premium ingredients will give your puppy high protein and support healthy brain development.

1. Multiple Proteins to Prevent the Development of Allergies

open farm dog food - Healthier Pets Today

Open Farm Dog Food is a pet food company producing high-quality, ethically sourced, sustainable pet food. 

They offer a range of dog food products, including dry, wet, freeze-dried, and treats.

Open Farms dog food formulas are made with humanely raised meats, non-GMO fruits, and vegetables and are free from artificial preservatives. 

They also source their ingredients from responsible and sustainable farming suppliers.

In addition to its commitment to quality and sustainability, Open Farm Dog Food prioritizes transparency and provides customers with detailed information about the sourcing and production of its products.

They even offer a “where to buy” feature on their website that allows customers to locate the ingredients’ source in their specific dog food bag. Puppies can develop allergies & sensitivities from a young age. 

Developing Immune System

open farm dog food - Healthier Pets Today

As their immune system begins to strengthen, they need to be introduced to a wide variety of foods to prevent those sensitivities from developing in the first place.

Our Puppy dry food includes humanely raised chicken, pork & wild-caught salmon. For this reason, we discussed rotational feeding and developed this recipe to make exposing your pup to multiple proteins a breeze. 

The early exposure to protein rotation will help prevent those pesky allergies and sensitivities from developing while growing.

Many have questions about grain-inclusive or grain-free dog food or food containing animal byproducts. 

Regulated byproducts do not have hooves, hair, floor sweepings, intestinal contents, or manure. 

As with any pet-related inquiry, discuss your concerns about your dog’s food with your veterinarian.

2. Wholesome Ingredients

Having meat as the first ingredient is not enough. Our pets deserve the world’s best ingredients, from animal protein to minerals, and starting them off on proper nutrition makes all the difference in their overall immune system. 

In all their dry food formulas, 80% of protein comes from animal ingredients, all of which are antibiotic and growth hormone-free, and all our fruits & veggies are strictly non-GMO. 

We go to great lengths to ensure that 100% of our meats come from family farms that meet stringent animal welfare standards and are audited and certified by Certified Humane®. Their fish ingredients meet the Ocean Wise® seafood sustainability standards. 

We have developed our business around providing the best nutrition for dogs and cats and taking ingredients seriously. All of our ingredients can be traced back to the source. 

3. DHA for Healthy Brain Development

open farm dog food - Healthier Pets Today

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid essential for neural development in puppies. In many cases, DHA is used as a supplement specifically for young offspring, like babies or puppies. 

Introducing meaningful amounts of DHA into our Puppy recipe helps encourage healthy brain development for growing pups.

You can sort through it by following a straightforward rule; review your sources. Many well-meaning dog food manufacturers make claims about dog nutrition without supporting them with scientific evidence. 

As you research, continuously check to see if the information is supported by a trustworthy source, such as a canine nutritionist, veterinarian, or scientific study. 

4. Proper Mineral Levels for Bone Development

Calcium and phosphorus levels are essential in puppy food as these minerals help support bone development. Especially in large breeds, having too little or too much calcium could be detrimental. 

We’ve ensured that our Puppy formula includes an optimal level of calcium at 1.2% and phosphorus at 1.0%, perfect for puppies of all breeds and sizes.

 As an owner, you are the one who sees your dog regularly.

Your vet can help you narrow your options and should be more than happy to help you answer your questions about your dog’s food.

5. Higher Kilocalorie (kcal) Recipe

open farm dog food - Healthier Pets Today

Dogs require a comprehensive range of nutrients in different quantities throughout their lives. 

A puppy’s nutritional needs differ from an adult dog’s, so giving your young dog a puppy formula or “all life stages” food is a good idea. 

Suppose you need clarification about the differences in nutritional requirements between puppies and adults. 

In that case, the Merck Veterinary Manual lists the recommended nutrients for dogs and the recommended amount by weight and age. 

Puppies must eat more calories to support their rapid growth within the first year. However, it would be best if you refrained from overfeeding your puppy, which may cause health issues.

 Our puppy dry food includes a higher kcal amount to ensure proper nutrition and development. 

To control overfeeding, Open Farm dog food created a feeding guideline for your puppy parents to quickly find the recommended quantity for your pet.

6. A fit for your Dog’s Breed

Ensure that the puppy food fits your dog’s size & breed, from the minerals included in the formula to the extent of the dry food. 

Our Puppy recipe is suitable for all breeds and sizes. We’ve included a small-sized dry food as it is perfect for smaller dogs to eat but also great for larger dogs who tend not to chew their food. It truly makes the ideal small & large breed puppy food.

While most commercial dog foods are developed with minimal dietary requirements, it is essential to remember that only some dog foods have precisely the exact nutritional needs.

7. No Transition Needed

open farm dog food - Healthier Pets Today

Find a pet food that doesn’t need transitioning as your pup grows. If your dog starts on their Open Farm Dog Food Puppy recipe, there is no transition necessary when your dog turns into an adult and needs to change to our all-life stages dry food recipes. 

Training a puppy is hard enough, so they’ve made feeding easy.

Open Farm dog food is a high-quality, responsibly sourced option for pet owners who prioritize sustainability and transparency in their food choices.

However, it’s always important to consult your veterinarian to specify the best diet for your dog’s health and nutritional needs.

Best Benefits of Choosing Open Farm Dog Food for Your Pup…

Dogs, unlike cats, are not strict carnivores. While meat is most of their diet, dogs can also gain nutrients from grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

These non-meat foods are not just liners but can produce essential minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Good dog food will contain meat, and vegetables. 

The best dog foods comprise high-quality versions of these ingredients that are suitable for your dog’s digestive system.

We ranked Open Farm dog food as one of the best overall brands. Open Farm’s 5 fresh foods are available in the following flavors and variations; Grass-fed Beef. Homestead Turkey & Chicken.