Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent: How to Spot the Right One

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    Do you want know about pet friendly apartments for rent for you and your furry friends? Let’s learn more about it! In 2014, conducted a survey showing that more than 70% of apartment renters in the United States own a dog or a cat. It’s no secret that living in an apartment with pets has its challenges. The small living spaces and limited outdoor access may be stressful for animals. Suppose you’re renting an apartment and planning on bringing home a new pet. In that case, the first step is ensuring that your pet will be comfortable with the apartment lifestyle.

    What are Pet Friendly Apartments

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    A pet friendly apartment is usually built within a building designed specifically for pet owners and their animals. This means it creates an inviting and pleasant environment for you and your fur baby. Pet friendly homes are appealing because they provide pet facilities unavailable in the usual apartment community.

    How Are The Amenities Different From A Normal Apartment?

    Some popular pet friendly condominiums, lofts, and flats facilities include shared play areas and convenient access to a dog park. Other frequent pet amenities include on-site dog cleaning and pet sitting. Because of these standard features, you can quickly join a community of pet-loving neighbors. This may benefit both your pet’s and your own social lives. Many pet friendly homes also cater to families.

    A pet friendly residence can also have pet facilities, albeit they may need to be more community-oriented. Pet friendly homes may have features such as an in-unit washer, a dog door, a yard or grass patch, and bedrooms that can lock.

    The Top 4 Benefits of Friendly Apartment Rentals

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    • A pet friendly apartment often includes various pet friendly apartment services that are convenient for you and your pet. This generally comprises cleanup stations and an on-site dog sitter in the classier areas. 
    • When moving into a pet friendly apartment, your neighbors will likely have their pets or welcome your pet with open arms. If your dog is a little loud whenever you step out, you are much less likely to receive complaints as your neighbors probably get it. 
    • If you live in a pet friendly rental, you’re far less likely to meet a Cruella Deville-type person. This just promises an easygoing lifestyle for you and your pet.
    • If you want to meet new people, living in pet friendly apartments for rent is the way to go! These apartments are great for meeting fellow pet enthusiasts, especially if there are communal play areas or pet friendly events.  

    What To Look For In Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent

    A pet friendly apartment often promotes a more convenient lifestyle for busy pet owners. During the hunt, look for a walkable neighborhood that has either an on-site or nearby dog park or grassy area for your pet. 

    If you own a big dog with a lot of energy, the size of the apartment should be the deal-breaker. Even if a standard two-bedroom apartment will suit your family perfectly, your dog may demand more space. Your dog must have the freedom to roam. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pet friendly one-bedroom or a five-bedroom rental home. Your new home must meet all your pet’s requirements.

    How Does a Pet Friendly Apartment Differ From An Allowed Apartment?

    Obviously, “no pets allowed” apartments express their feelings very clearly. Still, there is a distinction between a pet friendly apartment and “pets allowed” flats. If presented with the options, pet owners will likely prefer pet friendly apartments for rent. 

    Pet-allowed signs indicate that the landlord is open to pets but does not necessarily welcome them. This means they usually have different pet amenities than pet friendly apartments. Pet-allowed signs may also mean that the neighbors have less tolerance for loud animal sounds, inadvertent messes, or odors in the facility.

    Is Any Pet Allowed In A Pet Friendly Apartment for Rent?

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    The apartment may be advertised as pet friendly, but that doesn’t give you the right of passage to own any pet you want. Your landlord may have specific preferences of what kinds of animals are permitted within the unit. They may have limits on the breed, weight, number of pets, and other factors such as type and maintenance. 

    Like many others, pet friendly apartment landlords are worried about the damage that your pet may cause. This is frequently the cause of these restrictions. Other times, it is a matter of individual taste or sensitivity to the requirements of the other residents in the building.

    In many circumstances, it is worth contacting the landlord to try to negotiate for your pet. A landlord occasionally makes an exception; pet friendly properties exist for a purpose. Assume you can offer documentation of training for your animal, such as a good citizen certificate for a canine. In those circumstances, some landlords may be ready to alter their policies.

    If you’re moving from one state to another, you must ensure your pet is allowed within the new state. Although popular in the United States, animals such as ferrets and hedgehogs are forbidden in California. To avoid any legal issues, ensure you have all the necessary permits.

    What If I Have A Service Animal Or Emotional Support Animal?

    Service animals and emotional support Animals have different legal rights than ordinary pets, and their housing rights reflect this. 

    For example, imagine the tenant can demonstrate that they are disabled. In that situation, a landlord can only deny service or emotional support to animals under limited circumstances. This applies to any rental apartment, whether pet friendly, “pets allowed,” or “no pets allowed.” As a result, exceptions must typically be made for service animals and emotional support animals.

    However, even though your options are legally open, we strongly advise you to look into pet friendly apartments for rent. They are better suited to anyone living with pets of any kind. If your landlord and neighbors enjoy pets, it may make your life as a renter much easier. 

    Is The Rent Higher In A Pet Friendly Apartment for Rent?

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    In short, yes. It does vary depending on the unit and what’s included, but landlords usually charge more for pet friendly rentals. For example, pet friendly apartments in New York City cost between 30 and 40% more than regular apartments. 

    Here’s Why: 

    • The first is that there are fewer pet friendly apartments available than ordinary ones. However, pet ownership is increasing. This means there is a great demand for them, allowing landlords to charge a higher price and a pet deposit.
    • The second reason is that these apartments often include unique features that are difficult to find elsewhere. Therefore, landlords demand greater rent to cover the cost of providing these amenities. When you choose to move into a pet friendly apartment, consider whether the convenience of the amenities, location, and social opportunities available outweigh the higher rate you’ll need to pay. 

    Will I Still Have To Pay A Pet Deposit In A Pet Friendly Apartment for Rent?

    Paying a higher rate is generally at the landlord’s discretion, although the answer is usually yes. A pet deposit is requested to cover any damage your pet may cause to your unit. Even if you’re living in a pet friendly apartment, your landlord’s concerns are still valid. Some dogs chew up doors and floorboards, which landlords are often required to replace if the owners don’t. It’s vital to note that pet deposits are lawful in some states but banned in others. Make sure to check what the legislation in your state says. Doing so lets you know whether or not your landlord is attempting to charge you illegally. It’s important to remind yourself that any damages that cost more than your security deposit will fall under your account. You will be required to pay the excess amount for the damage. Companies such as Lemonade renters insurance cover up to $500 worth of damages. These companies are available for all pet owners and are a great help. 

    Finding a Place for You and Your Furry Friend

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    As a pet owner, you look at your pet’s affordability and comfort. Look for pet friendly apartments for rent instead of pets to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. The tolerance of neighbors should always be taken into consideration when apartment hunting. Ask all the necessary questions to establish whether there are apartments that allow dogs, cats and other pets. Happy hunting!