8 Very Important Symptoms of Dead Kitten Inside Cat

symptoms of dead kitten inside cat - Healthier Pets Today

Symptoms of dead kitten inside cat – Learn more with Healthier Pets Today! Miscarriage in cats happens when your cat’s pregnancy is either intentionally terminated or for no apparent reason. It is possible to chemically induce a miscarriage with your veterinarian’s guidance and supervision. 

What Causes Misscariages in Cats?

symptoms of dead kitten inside cat - Healthier Pets Today

It may also happen for several hormonal or physiological causes. If your cat is pregnant early on, you might not see any symptoms of dead kitten inside cat or signs, and your cat’s body could reabsorb the fetuses. 

Your cat may miscarry later on, at which point she may exhibit mother feelings and behaviors that eventually lead to the development of milk and crying or pacing in search of offspring. You should seek emergency veterinarian attention if you suspect your cat is miscarrying.

Symptoms of Dead Kitten Inside Cat

If your cat is pregnant and the miscarriage occurs within the first few weeks of the pregnancy, the symptoms of dead kitten inside cat may be mild. However, in most cases, a miscarriage will be apparent. 

These may consist of the following 8 symptoms:

  1. Bloody fluid
  2. The disappearance of babies previously palpable or visible on ultrasound
  3. Stomach clenching
  4. Discomfort
  5. Depression
  6. Dehydration
  7. Fever
  8. Premature, dead, or nonviable fetus deliveries

What Are The Clinical Signs Of Miscarriage?

Most of the time, miscarriage has no outward symptoms of dead kitten inside cat. Only if the pregnancy was confirmed on an early ultrasound and a later ultrasound reveals no viable pregnancy is early miscarriages recognized since they often result in embryo resorption.

Clinical symptoms may accompany miscarriages that occur later in pregnancy, or they may not. Fever, abdominal pain, and abnormal vaginal discharge (brown, green, black, or pus-colored) during pregnancy are all potential indicators of infection or miscarriage.

 Additionally, some cats having miscarriages will start to experience labor pains and give birth to stillborn kittens.

Causes of Miscarriage in Cats

symptoms of dead kitten inside cat - Healthier Pets Today

Many underlying conditions might lead to miscarriage. To rule out any infections or other diseases that could be life-threatening for your cat, it is crucial to identify the underlying cause of the miscarriage, even if this may not always be achievable.

Typical causes include:

  1. Feline leukemia virus
  2. Feline herpesvirus
  3. Bacterial diseases such as chlamydia
  4. Severe stress
  5. Hormonal imbalances
  6. Protozoal infections
  7. Injury
  8. Inbreeding resulting in genetic issues
  9. Nutritional deficiencies
  10. Exposure to chemicals that induce labor or miscarriage
  11. Congenital disabilities

Diagnosis of Miscarriage in Cats

A thorough physical examination is the first step in determining whether your cat has miscarried. You should plan to bring aborted fetuses for your vet to examine if your cat miscarried at home

The fetuses could offer crucial hints about what caused the miscarriage in the first place. Your veterinarian might order an ultrasound or x-ray imaging during the first appointment to be sure no extra pregnancies were retained. 

The internal organs of your cat can be examined thanks to these images. Live fetuses may require support to prevent miscarriage, and dead fetuses must be removed from the cat to avoid infection and possible pet death.

Medical History is Important

You should give a complete history of your cat’s pregnancy during the initial examination. If known, the approximate date of conception and the sire’s identity may be crucial details for a correct diagnosis. The beginning of symptoms of dead kitten inside cat and duration of any strange behavior, such as your cat starting to nest or not eating, would also be helpful.

Your veterinarian will also request a complete blood panel. This will allow your doctor to spot any infections and analyze the different hormone levels in your cat’s body. 

A variety of smears from the nose, ears, and mouth should also be collected if there are symptoms of dead kitten inside cat of a cold or infection to detect an upper respiratory disease or another kind of infection. To test for parasites, a stool sample may also be requested.

Treatment of Miscarriage in Cats

symptoms of dead kitten inside cat - Healthier Pets Today

Whether your cat needs to be stabilized and the underlying reason for the miscarriage will determine how you treat her. 

If there are retained fetuses, your veterinarian may give your cat medication that induces contractions to aid in the removal of the excess tissue. This procedure, which will occur in your elk creek animal hospital office, will shield your cat from infection as the fetuses continue deleting inside the uterus. 

In the event of an illness, your veterinarian or elk creek animal hospital may recommend a broad-spectrum antibiotic while waiting for the precise bacteria responsible for the infection to be identified. 

They could advise conservative treatment, which includes rest and drinks if the cold is moderate. Your veterinarian will recommend the proper parasite therapy if you have parasites. These are often used orally in tablets, pastes, or gels.

Underlying Injuries

If an injury is an underlying cause, your elk creek animal hospital may provide painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs to hasten your cat’s recovery.

And last, in some cases, your vet may advise spaying your cat to stop future pregnancies. This is particularly true if the loss resulted from a congenital problem, hormonal issues that cannot be easily fixed in subsequent pregnancies, or a history of miscarriages.

How Will I Know If My Cat Is Having A Miscarriage?

symptoms of dead kitten inside cat - Healthier Pets Today

As was said earlier in this post, if the miscarriage happens earlier in the pregnancy, it might go unnoticed by you. The bulk of the time, this scenario occurs. Most cats exhibit observable indications during miscarriages that happen later in pregnancy.

One of these symptoms is a vaginal discharge of some kind. The most frequent type of discharge is prolonged, chronic vaginal bleeding. Although cats are meticulous and good at tidying up personal messes before humans notice anything, it can be challenging for even the most watchful cat to stay one step ahead of the recurrent vaginal bleeding typically associated with miscarriage. It will be relatively simple to find any vaginal bleeding. Vaginal discharge can also consist of pus-like, green, brown, or black substances.

Fever, stomach pain, lethargy, anorexia, and displaying signs of distress such as difficulty breathing, labor, delivery, and stillbirth are further clinical signs or symptoms of dead kitten inside cat of miscarriage.

Recovery of Miscarriage in Cats

If the underlying illness is treated correctly, your cat will bounce back nicely following a miscarriage. Taking all prescription drugs as directed is crucial, especially if an infection is present. 

If your cat is pacing and acting agitated or appears unhappy or lethargic, you may need to provide them with additional support. In these situations, it may be wise to confine your cat to a calm, cozy area until the hormones caused by the miscarriage and labor stopped.

Overall, your cat can recover after a miscarriage and should lead a long and healthy life.

What Do I Do If I Suspect My Cat Is Having A Miscarriage?

symptoms of dead kitten inside cat - Healthier Pets Today

Consult your primary care elk creek animal hospital or a nearby emergency veterinary or elk creek animal hospital immediately if you believe your mommy cat has experienced or is experiencing a miscarriage. 

The most accurate diagnostic method for finding a miscarriage is an abdominal ultrasound. Compared to abdominal X-rays, this type of examination is much more effective in identifying this kind of medical illness. 

Your cat’s progesterone level may be checked to see whether it is low by the vet, but this form of testing typically needs an outside lab and does not offer the quick findings required in an emergency.

Important Symptoms of a Dead Kitten Inside Cat…

Blood tests can and should be done to assess the mother cat’s primary organ function and to check for internal infections, but they cannot confirm or exclude a miscarriage. 

If a C-section is necessary, testing of the mother (taking a culture of her vaginal fluid) and the deceased fetus (conducting an autopsy and taking a biopsy of fetal tissues) can be done to learn the exact cause of the miscarriage as well as possibly serve as a guide for preventative measures for subsequent pregnancies.