The Best 11 Reasons to Switch to Valu Pak Dog Food Today!

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Valu Pak Dog Food – Learn more with Healthier Pets Today! Specialty Feeds, a US company that has been producing pet food for over 50 years, owns and manufactures Valu Pak. Also known as chicken soup for the soul dog food.

Every food’s protein and fat content is prominently displayed on the front of the label rather than in little text at the back. 

Most items also have similarly clear labeling for information on allergens and even the quantity of meats they contain. 

Finding the right food for your dog is more straightforward thanks to this, and we wish more dog food packaging used it.

1. Who Makes Valu Pak and Where Is It Produced?

valu pak dog food - Healthier Me Today

Produced by Speciality Feeds is Valu Pak. The business was established in Mississippi more than 40 years ago. 

The company’s barn at the time only created one formula for a range of dog foods. However, the company has expanded to provide a variety of dry dog food recipes and market its goods in 20 states. 

The company claims that it wants to create chicken soup for the soul dog food premium feeds at competitive pricing. Although the food is produced in the US, some ingredients, particularly vitamins, and minerals, may come from outside.

2. Which Type of Dog Is Valu Pak Best Suited For?

Valu Pak offers two main food categories. One is “Free Range,” devoid of grains and other potential allergies. 

The other is the typical range appropriate for dogs without allergies. As a result, and because Valu Pak food has a high protein content, it is considered chicken soup for the soul dog food for most canines.

3. Which Type of Dog Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

valu pak dog food - Healthier Me Today

No wet food lines are available from Valu Pak; the company solely produces dry dog food. As a result, you should look at alternative kinds of dog food to satisfy your pup’s nutritional needs. 

If your dog has trouble adequately digesting dry kibble or if you like to provide at least some wet food. Otherwise, most breeds and dog types are considered suited for Valu Pak food.

4. Primary Ingredients

Valu Pak has some elements that might be seen as lesser quality, or that could be swapped out for higher-quality ingredients because it is a more affordable dish. 

For instance, while rice bran is used in some recipes, it is not thought to be the same high quality as whole white rice, despite offering some nutritional benefits.

Valu Pak does contain meat-related substances, such as chicken byproduct meals. Hence the term chicken soup for the soul dog food.

Although chicken byproduct meal does provide dogs with a balanced diet of protein, vitamins, and minerals, it is created from leftover scraps after chickens are pulverized and dissected for commercial purposes. 

Some people think it’s of poorer quality than entire chicken or other chicken-based foods.

5. Clear Labeling

Labels on dog food and labels on all pet foods can be challenging to read. It can be difficult to find information about the protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels and the product’s main ingredients and protein sources, even if they are not specifically misleading.

The foods are named for the amounts of protein and fat they include, so the 24/20 recipe, for example, contains 24% protein and 20% fat. 

This is one of the good aspects of Valu Pak Dog Food that we are thrilled with. To help you avoid anything your dog is allergic to, the front of the label lists any allergies or other components that are not included in the food.

6. High Protein Content

valu pak dog food - Healthier Me Today

Many dry dog diets have a protein concentration of around 20%. However, certain Valu Pak products have a protein content of up to 24% or even 28%. 

Senior dogs that naturally require more protein to help their muscles heal are greatly helped by this, as are energetic dogs

Again, selecting a protein level that best satisfies your dog’s needs is straightforward because the foods are clearly labeled.

7. Additional Benefits

The front of the bag also includes any additional advantages that the food formula gives, which is another advantage of Valu Pak’s straightforward packaging strategy. 

In addition to being a good feature for adult dogs, the red bag also contains additional glucosamine and chondroitin, which are advantageous for healthy skin and coats and are well-regarded for senior dogs. This is marked on the front of the bag.

8. Some Lower Quality Ingredients

Despite having some ingredients that could be improved, Valu Pak is generally a decent quality cuisine that is more affordable than premium foods. 

For instance, it substitutes rice bran for whole rice and uses byproducts for beef rather than meat. Even though none of these components would hurt your dog, they can be of superior quality.

9. A Quick Look at Valu Pak Dog Food

valu pak dog food - Healthier Me Today


  1. Cost-effective dry dog food
  2. Some recipes have a high protein content.
  3. Clear food labels


  1. Certain ingredients could be of better quality.

9. Recall History

It is impressive that Valu Pak Dog Food, which has been producing dog food for more than 40 years, appears to have had no product recalls, as does the parent firm, Specialty Foods.

10. Reviews of the 2 Best Valu Pak Dog Food Recipes

Valu Pak Red Bag

The major components of the dry kibble Valu Pak 24-20 Red Bag are ground whole grain maize, soft ground wheat, and pig meal. 

It contains flaxseed, which is advantageous for many health reasons, including the omega-3 content. 

It has extra vitamins and minerals added to it. It is made for active dogs and has 24% protein and 20% fat.

This high-quality kibble is available at reasonable prices and is appropriate for adult and senior dogs still active. 

However, because the food is so reasonably priced, it may contain some ingredients that could be replaced with higher-quality and more beneficial ingredients.


  1. The majority of adult dogs and senior dogs benefit from 24% protein.
  2. Pork supper is the main component.
  3. It is glucosamine and chondroitin-containing for healthy skin and fur.

Valu Pak Black Bag

valu pak dog food - Healthier Me Today

The Valu Pak 28-20 Black Bag lacks maize and soy ingredients and is part of the Valu Pak Dog Food bare line. Its major components are chicken byproduct meal, pork meal, and full-grain brown rice. 

It comprises two types of meat: chicken and pork. Its 28% protein content is significantly higher than other foods, and its cost is fair. 

It has also been supplemented with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, suitable for your dog’s skin and coat but also for maintaining cognitive function and delaying the onset of old age.

valu pak dog food - Healthier Me Today

Valu Pak Black Bag is appropriate for dogs of all ages, although salt, which shouldn’t be added to dry dog food, is one of the ingredients in this product.


  1. For active, healthy dogs, 28% protein is recommended.
  2. Chicken and pork are the primary ingredients.
  3. Affordably priced.


  1. Contains added salt

11. What Other Users Are Saying

Customers generally have good things to say about Valu Pak Dog Food, and they especially like its affordable prices and decent-quality ingredients.

Reasons to Switch to Valu Pak Dog Food Today…

Dry dog food under the Valu Pak Dog Food brand is produced by Specialty Foods, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the dog food industry. 

The product is well-labeled, competitively priced and dubbed chicken soup for the soul dog food. Although some ingredients might still be enhanced, it also has decent-quality elements.

Although no wet or canned recipes are available, a few dry food recipes are appropriate for adult and senior dogs. Dog owners who have tried the food have typically given it positive ratings.