Why do Bunnies Thump?

why do bunnies thump | Healthier Pets Today

Why do bunnies thump? Healthier Pets Today answers all your dying questions!

Bunnies are cute, cuddly animals that do the most adorable things. Unfortunately, one of those things is thumping. Those little kicks are often painful and uncalled for. You might be wondering why they thump. Well, we have the answers. Let’s cover the A-Z on all things bunny and get you the answers you need!

What Does it Mean

Why do bunnies thump? | Healthier Pets Today

A bunny thumping their back feet is a natural reaction to danger that they have seen, heard, or smelled. When a bunny wants to alert others, they stand on all four feet, often in a tiptoe position. Their ears are on alert, and they lift their rear feet to thump and alert their bunny friends of danger. Bunnies will either thump one foot on the ground, or they will thump both feet at the same time. Bunnies aren’t vocal animals, so they use thumping to communicate. Once they begin thumping, they will remain in that position until the danger has gone. This will clearly indicate how your bunny is feeling in different situations!

A bunny may perceive danger from a variety of things. For example, a lit cigarette could set them off into thumping. If your bunny is thumping non-stop, it’s important to calm them down as they could die from excessive stress. They immediately need to be comforted and reassured. Do this by removing them from the “danger” and giving them cuddles. 

Your bunny might even thump to show disapproval. It’s important to observe the circumstances in which thumping takes place to ensure that you keep your bunny happy and stress-free. It’s important never to punish your bunny for this behavior as it comes naturally. It’s best to modify their environment to suit their needs. 

How is the Thumping Noise Made

Why do bunnies thump? | Healthier Pets Today

The very specific posture makes the noise that your bunny uses. They often arch their backs and freeze in a very alert manner. They then use one or both of their hind legs to kick the ground hard. This creates the thumping noise that we hear. Bunnies will either do one thump or several in a row. Again, why do bunnies thump and when they stop depends on the situation and widely on the bunny’s personality!

What Would Cause my Bunny to Thump

Your bunny will often thump when they are scared. Some bunny owners have reported that their bunnies thump for things such as peanut butter or even a stranger in the house. Bunnies will often thump in unfamiliar situations such as in the car, especially if they don’t have their owner with them. Having the person that they love with them helps them cope with the stress of the unfamiliar. 

Bunnies are similar to humans, with some being more highly strung than others. Such bunnies are known to be more anxious and may thump toward many different things. Other bunnies are much more relaxed and will only react when they’ve had a previously bad experience in a certain situation. 

How Can I Stop my Bunny From Thumping

Why do bunnies thump? | Healthier Pets Today

The first step is to try and find out why your bunny is thumping. For example, if your bunny is thumping because of fear, it’s best to find the source of the fear first and end it. Your bunny should never be exposed to long-term stress as it could cause medical problems and even death. 

The first step to stopping your bunny from thumping is to note your rabbit thumps every time. Next, look at what is around you that could potentially cause the thumping. Perhaps a noisy car went past. That could answer the question as to why your bunny gave out a thump. 

It is merely impossible to stop your bunny from thumping. The best way is to eliminate external stressors and ensure that your bunny is always in a calm and safe environment. Loud noises, strange smells, and other pets might cause your bunny unnecessary stress and cause them to thump.

Stopping your bunny’s thumping may also cause them more harm than do them good, since it is their natural coping technique, taking that away may cause several issues!

What Do I do if my Bunny is Upset

Why do bunnies thump? | Healthier Pets Today

When your bunny is upset, it’s important to calm them down first. Take them into an environment that is quiet and in which they can be comfortable. Offer them cuddles and pets. It’s often best to desensitize your bunny to ensure that they stay calm. Do this by working on a plan with your vet or an animal behaviourist. Whatever the reason for your bunny thumping, it’s best to reduce it before it damages their health. 

In a Hop – Why Do Bunnies Thump…

A bunny thumping is a natural response to fear and external stressors. When your bunny begins to thump, take note of your surroundings and try to find the reason why. Be sure to eliminate all external stressors to ensure that your bunny feels safe. Excessive thumping could affect their health negatively.