Is a 30 Gallon Fish Tank Worth It?

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A 30 gallon fish tank is perfect for the fish newcomers and ever for the extensive fish enthusiasts – if you are wondering if you should take the time and invest in a 30-gallon fish tank, Healthier Pets Today has your back!

These types of tanks are used for different environments such as offices, living rooms, and bedrooms because they do not need as much maintenance. This article will go over everything you have to know about 30-Gallon fish tanks.

Essentials For a 30 Gallon Fish Tank

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  • Consider making an acrylic instead of a glassfish tank purchase, as the weight difference will be highly evident!
  • Some 30-Gallon tanks come in different sizes due to what they are going to be used for, but the normal 30-Gallon fish tanks are all the same size.
  • The size of a 30-Gallon tank is Length x 36.25″, Width x 12.625″, Height 16.75″: which is perfect for almost any room or environment you want to put it in.
  • A breeder tank has a square bottom and is not built tall so that breeders can get to their fish easily. That is why breeder tanks are made wider and are not as long in height as other tanks.
  • The 30-Gallon breeder tank would be 36″ x Length, 18″ x Width, 12″ x Height.
  • So this tank is not for being on display because it has a low height. It is just used for breeding.
  • A 30-Gallon fish tank can store 30 gallons of water in liters. It stores about 113 liters.
  • Always add less than the “full” amount of water, mainly because if you add substrate, decoration, and equipment like the filter and air pump, it will take up most of the space inside of the tank. 
  • The amount of fish you want to put inside of the tank depends on your tank size and the species of fish you want to keep inside of it. It is better to keep one-inch fish per gallon of water. However, it is always better to keep less fish in a 30-gallon fish tank – the more fish you keep in one tank greater the filtration will need to be!
  • Before you stock up your 30-Gallon aquarium, you should consider the activity level and your fishes temperature. If you decide to fill your tank with plants and decoration, the space your fish gets to swim around will lessen immediately, so you should do some hard thinking before going overboard on decorations and plants.
  • When you stock a 30-Gallon tank, the options of fish are limitless. You can get small fish and medium to large-sized fish in the tank. You can choose whatever fish you want to keep inside of the tank, from saltwater to freshwater fish.
  • Freshwater fish are much easier to maintain than saltwater fish.
  • The best fish for a 30-Gallon tank are Goldfish: They are the perfect size for your tank and bring color to your home or their environment.
  • They can be bred easily in the tank; however, never put them in a tank with aggressive fish because they will attack them.
  • If you want to do this, make sure that your tank has a cover and keep a close eye on their behaviour every day to make sure nothing bad is happening.

Here Are A Few Species To Keep Inside Your Tank:

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Bristlenose Catfish Or Ancistrus

These fish will keep the bottom of your tank clean and scare away any type of algae growing in your tank. They are very calm and will fit with any community tank you own.

Harlequin Rasbora  

This gorgeous fish helps control the pH level in your tank; they are the perfect choice for your goldfish tank since they are tiny and active enough to keep your tank looking good. They are calm and prefer live food instead of frozen ones.

Cory Catfish

These are the best fish for your tank because they are tiny and entertaining. They are active swimmers too! They go well with goldfish because they won’t nip at their tails or fins.

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Cherry Bomb

This fish has a very energetic personality. They will love to swim around your tank. They are very peaceful but will need live food to eat.

Neon Tetra

They will add a splash of neon color to your tank, which will get the attention of anyone who walks by. Just make sure the other fish don’t eat them.

Corydoras Paleatus

They help reduce ammonia levels in your tank by eating leftover food that falls to the floor of your tank that the other fish missed or just did not want to eat. In addition, they are very amusing to watch because of their skillful swimming.

– Platies

These are peaceful and hardy fish that you can keep in your community tanks; they are easy breeding fish so that they will be around for a long time due to all the breeding.


These fish are very colorful and swim in schools.

Zebra Danios 

These are one of the most peaceful fish you can keep inside of your tank. They won’t bite any fish and will eat from your hand, making them the perfect fish for a beginner.

Your amount of fish depends on the activity level of each fish you own. If you have active fish, you can only put one or two in the tank, but the golden rule is to only put one or two active fish in your fish tank!

You can, however, fill your tank with more fish – if your budget permits you to do so!

Always make sure to have a powerful filtration system inside of your tank. Try to provide your fish with as much space to swim and rest.

How Much Would a 30-Gallon Tank Cost?

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Your 30 Gallon fish tank price will depend on the following factors:

  • Shape and design
  • Material
  • Equipment included or not included

There are only two types of material the tanks can be made from glass and acrylic—both containing their personal set of pros and cons. Acrylic tanks are much lighter than glass tanks in weight, but on the other hand, they are a pretty penny more expensive than the traditional glass tank! Acrylic can be scratched and damaged easily after having it for years.

Glass tanks are very durable, but they are extremely heavy and not the best option if you want to replace your tank often.

The shape of the tank determines the price. Rectangular or hexagonal tanks are more affordable, and round tanks are the most expensive fish tank in any tank category! The design of the tank can affect the price. A standard 30-Gallon tank is cheaper than a fancy high-tech one that comes with all the equipment installed already.

The 30-Gallon tanks are not expensive to buy, but you will have to spend more money on the equipment. Some of these tanks come with an equipment kit that will help you on getting started. The kit includes lighting, a filter, a pump, and a water heater. It might be a bit pricey, but it will be worth buying, especially if you are new to having a tank and fish.

Second Hand 30-Gallon Fish Tank:

Why not try a second-hand fish tank? It would be much cheaper than a brand new one, but the choice is yours! But always remember that the condition of the tank matters, so you should check it properly before buying it.

What To Consider When Buying A 30-Gallon Fish Tank?

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When you are setting up your tank, you cannot just buy a tank and place it wherever you want; there are some things you have to consider before buying your first fish tank.

  • Fish Tank Shape

Once you decide on a place for your fish tank, the next thing you should consider is the shape of your tank.

The common shapes for a tank are rectangle, hexagon, or bow front. A rectangle is the cheapest one out of them all but if you want to create a larger or more spacious environment for your fish, then go for the bow front or hexagonal aquarium.

  • Fish Size

If you are buying a 30-Gallon tank, you have to consider the size of your fish.

Always ensure you get a rough estimate of your fish’s mature size – this way, you can determine your fish’s tank size from the get-go! You can avoid this by buying a tank that is slightly bigger than the one you need.

  • Equipment

You should never forget the tank size when purchasing a tank, especially for the filtration system, heater, and lighting.

Lighting is very important. The lighting must be perfect so algae can not grow excessively. A LED light will be perfect for your aquarium since it is not large, and fluorescent light will also light it up!

You should buy a filtration system that is very easy to maintain; complicated filters are complicated to operate, so go for the simple ones. Canister filters are great because they clean your tank very well, but they are pricey.

You get sponge filters that require more cleaning but aren’t as pricey as a canister filter; they just have to be replaced every 3-4 months.

Don’t forget to buy a heater for your tank. It is there to warm the water temperature depending on what fish you have inside of your tank. Before adding any fish to your tank, you must cycle your water for two to four weeks to cycle the good bacteria for your water, so your fish don’t get sick and die.

Everything You Need to Know About Fish Tanks

You might be unsure whether buying such a big tank is worth it, but I think it is, especially as a beginner who wants fish as a pet. Some of the equipment might be pricey, and some might not, but that all depends on you! These tanks are beneficial and will give you a load of experience to get a bigger tank in the future!