Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes? – Here is a Helpful 6-Step Guide on What Treats Your Beardie Can Eat!

can bearded dragons eat grapes - Healthier Pets Today

Can bearded dragons eat grapes – Learn more with Healthier Pets Today! Many newer owners want to know can bearded dragons eat grapes or not. 

Grapes are incredibly convenient and cheap, so it’s a natural question!Bearded dragons usually enjoy eating fruits more than vegetables and greens. 

Your bearded dragon can eat grapes with or without the skin on them, but they should not eat grape seeds. 

It would be best if you only feed your beardie grapes occasionally. You can serve them as a special treat.

Your bearded dragon’s diet should consist mainly of insects, vegetables, and greens. While bearded dragons love foods like grapes, they should always make up the least of your beardie’s diet

It’s essential to have a broad understanding of their overall food requirements before you start feeding them grapes. 

This will allow you to keep everything balanced! In this article, we’ll not only provide you with an answer to the question “can bearded dragons eat grapes?” 

1. Grapes

can bearded dragons eat grapes - Healthier Pets Today

When it comes to the question, can bearded dragons eat grapes, here is what we know. 

Grapes contain Oxalates bound to minerals, such as calcium, in the body. When oxalates bind to calcium, they cannot be absorbed into your beardie’s body, leading to health issues. 

Bearded dragons get most of the water they require from their food. When your beardie consumes too much water, they can develop diarrhea

Can bearded dragons eat grapes without risks? Here are 10 important facts to know:

can bearded dragons eat grapes - Healthier Pets Today
  1. Signs of dehydration in bearded dragons include wrinkly skin, sunken eyes, and feces missing the white part. 
  2. Your bearded dragon is sufficiently hydrated if the skin snaps back into place. However, if it takes some time for the skin to go back into place, your lizard is dehydrated.
  3. Grapes contain seeds which can lead to impaction. This means that your beardie cannot have a bowel movement. If your beardie cannot defecate for too long, they can get sick or even die.
  4. If you notice that your lizard is not defecating after eating grapes, you can do a few things to help them have a bowel movement.
  5. A homemade laxative may also help your bearded dragon if necessary. 
  6. If your bearded dragon doesn’t defecate for seven days, you will want to take them to your reptile veterinarian.
  7. Feeding your bearded dragon grapes with the skin on them is safe. Beardies have no problem digesting grape skin.
  8. There are a few ways you can feed your bearded dragon grapes. Even if you purchase seedless grapes, check all grapes for seeds before feeding them to your beardie. 
  9. To encourage your lizard to eat more of their greens, rub the inside of a grape on their greens before serving them their meal. 
  10. You should not feed your bearded dragon grapes often; you can feed them grape leaves as often as you like. Grape leaves contain a lot of calcium and protein and are low on phosphorus, which makes them an excellent food for your lizard.

Can bearded dragons eat grapes more than once a week? As long as you check all the grapes for seeds and slice them into pieces before serving them, your beardie will be fine! 

This is simply a matter of preference and is an example of how much individuality these reptiles can have.

2. Dubia Roaches

can bearded dragons eat grapes - Healthier Pets Today

One of the reasons why Dubia roaches are good treats is that they don’t have a strong smell and won’t bite or scratch your bearded dragon. 

They also contain more protein than other insects and are easy to keep and maintain. 

And they don’t jump or fly, so they’re the perfect live feeder for beardies! These roaches are safe to feed your bearded dragon if kept in an egg crate.

Dubia roaches are high in calcium, essential for the healthy growth of your beardie’s bones. Additionally, these insects contain essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc. 

3. Mealworms

Mealworms can be up to 2.5 cm long, and adults are around 1.25 to 1.8 cm long. 

Although freeze-dried crickets are fine treats for bearded dragons, they lack the water and nutrition that mealworms offer. 

If you are looking for high-quality mealworm treats for your beardie, try mealworms, which contain as much protein as beef. 

You can purchase them from a pet shop or breed your own. Mealworms are also great for varying your beardie’s diet. 

They also make a great primary protein source, so it’s essential to mix up their diet regularly.

4. Apples

can bearded dragons eat grapes - Healthier Pets Today

If you’re wondering whether apples are good treats for bearded dragons, you’re not alone. While humans enjoy eating apples, bearded dragons don’t. 

Apples contain a lot of sugar and are best offered as treats. Too much sugar will cause problems, including obesity and dehydration. 

Also, apples have plenty of calcium, potassium, and iron. While apples are healthy, they don’t provide the highest fiber level. 

As a result, they’re not a good choice for your beardie’s diet. However, they’re very cheap to purchase and can last long. 

However, you’ll want to cut up green apples and give them to your beardie sparingly. 

5. Pumpkins

Although pumpkins are a healthy treat for bearded dragons, you shouldn’t feed them in large amounts. While pumpkins contain low nutritional value, they are high in water, which can harm your pet

The best way to safely eliminate pumpkins from your pet’s diet is to increase hydration and give a laxative. Pumpkins contain too much vitamin A, which may harm your bearded dragon.

Pumpkins provide a variety of textures and colors that your beardie will enjoy. However, they don’t offer a massive amount of calcium due to the phosphate content. 

Pumpkins are a good option for young dragons because they are a good source of fiber. If you’d prefer to give your beardie a treat that contains more calcium, consider providing pumpkin seeds. 

6. Eggs

can bearded dragons eat grapes - Healthier Pets Today

Eggshells contain many essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. 

These help your dragon’s immune system, reproductive system, and skin to look and feel healthy. Eggs can also supply a source of calcium. 

However, you should never give your beardie eggs raw, as they are difficult to digest and can irritate the mouth. Egg yolks can be offered to bearded dragons. 

While it’s recommended not to regularly feed your beardie boiled or raw eggs. Eggs are a great treat for your dragon!

The yolks contain essential nutrients and are safe for your beardie to eat. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes and What Treats Can They Eat…

Grapes are a great snack for bearded dragons and one that they absolutely love. 

Providing your bearded dragon with healthy treats is a great way to encourage your beardie to eat various greens. 

While most beardies love treats, they are notoriously picky eaters, so it is best to stick to a healthy diet. 

While your beardie may tire of apple slices or pumpkins, he’ll never get tired of eating his favorite greens. We hope we answered your question “can bearded dragons eat grapes?”