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Baby Turtle Height – How Big are They?

Baby Turtle Height - What are their Heights, Length, and Sizes? Turtles come in many different sizes, colors, and appearances. There are a wide...

How Big are Turtles When They are Born

How Big are Turtles When They are Born? - These cuties have our heart from the second they hatch! Turtles fall into the reptilian...

The Bearded Dragon Lifespan

Have you ever wanted to have a reptile as a pet, but you're concerned for the bearded dragon lifespan? Well, you're in luck, as...

How Long do Bearded Dragons Live?

How long do bearded dragons live? - The answers you have been looking for, for your bearded friend! Reptiles have, in recent years, become...

Are Crocodiles and Alligators the Same?

Are crocodiles and alligators the same? Continue reading to find the answers you are looking for! For many years crocodiles and alligators have been...

Lizard Diet – This is What they Should Eat!

A complete guide on a lizard diet - here is what you should know! When it comes to owning a lizard, there may be...

What do Lizards Eat? A Complete Guide!

What do lizards eat? What are their food preferences, and how can you adequately feed them at home? There are a ton of lizard...

A Complete Guide on Nerd Reptiles

nerd reptiles | Healthier Pets Today

Complete Reptile Basics Guide: 101

Reptile basics - Everything regarding what your reptile needs and how! Having a reptile as a pet is much different from any other 'regular'...

What are the Best Reptile Pets?

Finding the best reptile pets is essential to fully enjoy your pet and more importantly finding one that suits your lifestyle is essential! Adopting...

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