Here are The 10 Vital Aspects to Consider Before Looking Up The Best Cat Boarding Near Me!

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Cat boarding near me – Learn more with Healthier Pets Today!  If you plan to put your pet in a boarding facility (while you’re away on a trip), you should compare several facilities before selecting cat boarding near me. 

Even if a center has been recommended to you by other cat lovers, go and see for yourself. 

Check whether it is run adequately and that it puts the protection and well-being of the animals visiting there first. 

Are you going on vacation and need cat boarding near me? If so, what is the best way to do it? Boarding your cat can be a tense experience for you and your pet, but with these 10 tips, it can be easier. 

1. Choose a Reputable Boarding Facility

cat boarding near me - Healthier Pets Today

The best way to guarantee your cat’s safety while you’re away is to decide on a reputable boarding facility. 

Do your reviews, and ask family and friends for recommendations. Your chosen place should be clean, safe, and staffed with people who love animals.

Ensure the dogs and cats are housed in partitioned areas and that the boarding facility offers 24-hour supervision. 

It’s also beneficial if they have a veterinarian on hand so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting ill while you’re away.

2. Schedule A Visit In Advance

Before your trip, visit the boarding facility to acclimate your cat and reduce stress during boarding.

Planning a visit in advance will help determine if the facility fits your cat. You can also check out their kennels. 

Meet staff members and discuss any special requirements your pet may have with them beforehand.

When visiting the boarding facility, choose a less busy day to receive more personalized assistance from staff.

3. Cat Has Enough Space

cat boarding near me - Healthier Pets Today

The kennels should be roomy enough for your cat to be comfortable during their stay. 

Ensure the facility has kennels with multiple floors or separate rooms for shyer cats who don’t enjoy being around different animals.

It’s important to ensure that your furry friend will be comfortable during their stay at the boarding facility. 

You should confirm they will have access to blankets, a cozy hiding spot, a litter box, and enough food and water.

4. Plan A Short-Term Stay 

Before leaving your cat for an extended stay, do a trial run and board them for a shorter period. This will help your cat get used to the new surroundings and make the transition easier.

If you’re planning a vacation, consider boarding your cat for a few days before you go. 

This will allow your pet to adapt to their new environment and ensure they are comfortable and happy while you’re away. 

If everything goes smoothly during the trial period, you can unwind and enjoy your holiday, knowing that your beloved companion is in good hands.

Additionally, some boarding facilities offer a 20% discount for new clients. This is a great way to test a boarding facility before leaving your cat for an extended period.

5. Plan Ahead

cat boarding near me - Healthier Pets Today

Be sure to plan and make a booking for your feline friend.

If you plan to travel during the summer months and need to use a boarding facility for your pet, booking well in advance is important. 

These are the busiest times for such facilities. You can call the facility before your visit to check availability and busyness.

Online booking services can make booking a boarding facility for your pet easier. These services allow you to book and manage your pet’s stay from the comfort of your home.

During peak season, prices may increase at your boarding facility. Check ahead and plan accordingly.

6. Provide Your Cat With Familiarities to Lessen stress

Cats thrive on routine, so maintaining their schedule while you’re away is crucial. Bring any familiar items to assist your cat in feeling at home, such as a favorite or toy blanket.

Some facilities permit you to bring your cat’s litter box, especially if your cat is finicky. 

It can be stressful for cats when boarding away from home. However, having a few familiar items around can help ease the transition. 

Consider bringing their usual food and litter to make the experience less daunting for your pet. This way, they won’t get used to unfamiliar brands while you’re on holiday.

If your boarding facility has webcam access, take advantage of it to monitor your pet’s adjustment.

To ensure your cat’s comfort during their stay at the cat boarding near me, it’s best to maintain their usual routine. 

You can request the staff to feed them at specific times and allocate a fixed amount of time for play daily. 

This will help your feline friend feel more at home and reduce any anxiety they may experience.

7. Bring Their Own Food to Avoid Diet Changes

cat boarding near me - Healthier Pets Today

Make sure to bring enough cat food for your cat’s stay, especially if the boarding center doesn’t carry the same brand. This will help avoid any stomach upset from changes in diet.

If your cat is on a prescription diet, bring a copy of the script and any other important information. This will help the staff better care for your cat.

8. Take Veterinary and Emergency Contact Information

When you plan to board your cat, it’s essential to have their medical records, which include their vaccination records. 

Most facilities require the pets to be up-to-date on their vaccinations to ensure the safety of all animals staying there. 

Therefore, it’s mandatory to bring your cat’s necessary medical documents while boarding them. This includes vaccination records, which should be up to date.

You should provide contact information for your veterinarian and an emergency contact person if the staff needs to reach someone.

It’s important to pack a duplicate of your cat’s insurance information.

9. Make Sure Your Cat Flea Medications is Up to Date

Your kitty is at greater risk of ticks and fleas when boarded.

Talk to your veterinarian about the best medication for your cat and when it should be administered. Some medicines must be given a few days before cat boarding near me to be effective.

If you have multiple cats at home, treat them for fleas so they don’t bring the parasites back into your house after boarding.

In addition to medication and shampoos, check with the facility about their flea control policies. 

It would help if you also discussed with the boarding facility any other pets they have at the time and what preventative measures they’re taking to prevent parasites from spreading among animals.

10. Write Down A Packing List

cat boarding near me - Healthier Pets Today

Write a packing list on your phone to ensure you remember everything.

Include items like litter boxes, food, bowls, toys, bedding, medications (if necessary), and any other provisions your cat might need. Pack enough for the entire trip and a little extra in emergencies.

Aspects to Consider Before Looking Up The Best Cat Boarding Near Me…

Boarding your cat doesn’t have to be stressful. The advice above will ensure you and your cat have a favorable first-time experience. 

The more comforting the experience for your cat, the easier it will be to leave them at a cat boarding near me next time.

If you’re still anxious, ask the personnel about your worries and ask for their advice. They’ll likely be able to comfort you and help make the process easier for both of you.