Are Cat Hotels a Thing? How Do They Work?

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Heard of cat hotels? If you own a cat and plan on traveling, you have three options: board your cat, tour with it, or get a cat sitter. But a cat hotel is an additional desire to offer your cat an expensive experience as they give advanced pet care

Cat boarding kennels, often called catteries or cat resorts, are similar to canine boarding kennels. 

What Is a Cat Hotel?

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All cat hotels offer your cat a temporary place to live and all the necessities, such as food and water, in one convenient location. Catteries are better than general pet boarding since they are designed to fulfill cats’ needs.

Similar to human hotels, cat hotels provide a range of facilities. Some are basic, consisting of close-set cages and primary care (clean bed, regular feedings, litter box, and light grooming). Some upscale cat hotels provide a more opulent setting with windows, perches, and larger cage spaces. Specific charges are charged to you for social engagement, like playing and hugging.

Certain cat hotels offer additional medical care services to ensure your cat’s unique needs are met and it is safe and comfortable while you are gone. Some facilities have larger cages that can hold more cats, perfect for a bonded pair to reduce stress.

You can guarantee your cat won’t be scared by barking dogs at a cat motel.

How to Prepare for a Stay in a Cat Hotel

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While dogs are often thought to require constant attention, many believe cats are self-reliant and can be left alone for extended periods. When a cat is removed from its familiar surroundings and introduced to a new environment with unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells, it feels anxious and uneasy. Preparing your cat for the upcoming experience and alleviating potential stressors beforehand is essential.

Research the Cat Hotel

Just as it is essential to study the location of nearby cat motels, it is equally crucial to analyze your lodging options. This establishment will be responsible for the well-being of your feline companion. At the same time, you are absent, so you mustn’t entrust it to just anyone.

To start, consult with your vet for guidance. You can limit your choices by examining the facilities and reading feedback from other sources, like Yelp.

After shortlisting a few cat motels, visit them and observe the staff, cleanliness, facilities, and cat-specific requirements.

Get Your Cat Comfortable With Carriers

When traveling with your cat, you must bring a carrier, even if it’s only for a short vehicle ride. Most cat hotels will also require you to provide your cat’s carrier. Hopefully, your cat is already used to using a carrier; if you still need to, set aside some time for training. Work in short periods, making the airline a pleasurable environment with treats and toys and gradually increasing the time your cat spends in it.

Once the carrier is no longer an issue in your home, progress to short automobile rides. Make it entertaining with treats and toys during and after the drive. As your vacation dates approach, gradually increase the duration of your car rides.

Book a Trial Night

Staying at a cat motel is a new experience for your cat. Instead of making the initial visit long, schedule a trial night or two to adjust your cat to the situation. This allows you to watch how your cat responds to the new environment and new people and cats so you can better plan your extended vacation.

Exposing your cat to staying at a cat motel while it is kittens is best. Even if you don’t have a trip planned soon, this will help with cattery training and prepare your cat for future holidays. It is also helpful in preparation for overnight or hospital stays at the vet.

Get Your Cat Up to Date on Vaccinations

Most cat accommodations require updating your cat on all vaccines and parasite preventatives. This is essential for your and the other cats in the facility’s fitness. Make sure to top off any prescriptions your cat is taking as well.

If your cat takes medicinal drugs often, tell the group of workers beforehand. Most facilities can have staff qualified to offer medication to cats, along with injectable treatments consisting of insulin. However, they ought to be privy to this ahead. It would be best if you additionally went away thorough facts for your cat’s veterinarian, medications, dosage, timings, and the first-rate way to administer them to make the process as easy as possible.

Pack Your Cat’s Belongings

Cat motels will provide supplies for your cat. Still, you can make the transition easier by bringing your cat’s favorite items from home. Pack your cat’s food, treats, and favorite toys. You may offer your cat’s favorite bed or blanket to make the cat motel feel more like home.

Benefits of Cat Hotels

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Cat hotels provide and foster tranquil environments, which can be especially beneficial for those who own cats with special requirements. By signing in, your cat will gain access to all of the regular amenities. 

Like conventional hotels, cat hotels can offer varying amenities or services. They might range from simple care to five-star hotels for cats. A cat hotel’s fundamental features include a clean environment, feeding routines, light grooming, and opportunities for sociability. 

Other amenities, such as medical care, may be considered premium features and require an additional charge. Cat hotels typically provide a selection of kennels for your pet. Kennel sizes range from small, basic apartments to bigger luxury units with extra space, perches, and windows.

If your cat is nervous about being alone, you can take it to a cat hotel to mingle with other cats. The luxury and careful care provided at a cat hotel alleviate what is typically a problematic period away from home for both cats and humans.

Everything You Need to Know

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A cat hotel is an excellent option for bringing your cat on vacation or using a regular pet boarding facility. Cat hotels are constructed explicitly for cats to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Still, you must do your part by preparing yourself, the staff, and your cat for the stay.