Are Fish Pretty For Toddlers?

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Are fish pretty for toddlers? The answer is most likely yes! Toddlers are oftentimes fascinated by the strangest things. A fascination with fish is pretty normal. The different colors or the way that they move amaze toddlers and could keep them occupied for hours. Toddlers and fish are an inseparable pair. 

Why do Toddlers Love Fish

Fish pretty | Healthier Pets Today

Toddlers love fish because they find them pretty. The colors and subtle movements are intriguing for them. Fish allow children to explore something different and learn from it. A creature that can breathe underwater and has a tail and fins allows its imagination to run wild and fish pretty for toddlers. The different shapes, colors, and sizes make toddlers lose their minds. Fish to them are magical underwater creatures, and the fact that they cannot touch them makes toddlers want them more. A fish tank in your toddler’s room could even soothe them. It has a calming effect on most children.  

Setting up for a Fish

Fish pretty | Healthier Pets Today

Since your toddler loves fish so much, you could be considering getting him his own fish. Unfortunately, your toddler can’t take on all the responsibility of taking care of them and fish pretty for toddlers. This means that there are many things you need to consider before getting that little swimmer. 

Discuss who will help and teach your toddler with feeding the fish and cleaning the fishbowl. It’s a great time to teach him responsibility, but he will need some help being responsible. Setting up a schedule beforehand will help the household get into a routine when it comes to cleaning and feeding. 

Choosing the right fish tank could be a struggle. You don’t want to choose one that is too large, but a small one might not do either. When making the decision, consider your budget and the room size of where your tank will be. The bigger your fish tank, the more cleaning it will require. 

There will be necessities such as a light and water filter. Gravel, decorations, and a hideout for your fish will also be needed to ensure that your fish feels comfortable. A light and water filter is needed to help you keep your fish tank clean. The decorating part of your tank will amuse your toddler as well. They will enjoy helping create a home for their pet fish

The Top Fish for Kids- Fish Pretty For Toddlers

Fish pretty | Healthier Pets Today

Molly Fish: These colorful fish do very well with other fish. Molly fish can be fun to watch. Molly fish require a warmer temperature in their freshwater tanks. Be sure to stock it up with plants as it is their favorite place to swim around and hideout. Aquarium salt can be added if your pet shop okay’s it. Some Molly fish enjoy a tiny bit of salt in their water. 

Platy Fish: Platies are peaceful fish that can come in some cool colors. Blue, black, red, and sometimes even gold! The gold ones are often confused with goldfish. Some refer to Platy fish as moonfish. These fish are very active, and they love to have babies. They mate quite easily and can provide you with hundreds of little ones at a time. 

Angelfish: Absolutely amazing to see swimming around. These fish are native to South America. The males who are interested in mating can be a tad aggressive. Otherwise, they are very peaceful fish. These beautiful fish are very docile. These fish mate for life, so they’ll only ever have babies with each other. Angelfish often prefer warmer water, and they need a nice big and deep tank because of their physique. Their diet consists of fish flakes, frozen fish foods, and even live fish food. 

Goldfish: Goldfish are often the go-to fish for a first-time pet. They are easy to take care of and don’t require much maintenance. Goldfish are native to Asia. They are extremely peaceful, allowing them to get along quite well with other fish. Goldfish live in freshwater tanks with a temperature of about 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Goldfish proliferate and with that poop a lot. This makes investing in a small tank filter a good idea. Goldfish enjoy hiding out, so don’t forget to add plants to your tank. 

Guppies: Guppies are tiny little fish that are generally peaceful and get along with others. They are social fish, so try to get more than one. The silver guppies are female most of the time, whereas the males often come in color. If you put them in a tank with other fish, be sure to pay attention that they aren’t being eaten. They are very small, making them a great snack for bigger fish. 

Tips for Fishkeeping

Fish pretty | Healthier Pets Today
  • Keep the temperature consistent: Take note of where you place your tank. An open window or a tank placed in direct sunlight can change the temperatures during the day and in the evening. This can harm your little swimmer. 
  • Your fish could be sensitive to sound: This might sound strange, but it’s completely possible. Don’t put your fish tank near the radio or loud television. The loud noises could stress your fish out and cause them discomfort and even death. 
  • Beware of tap water: Tap water contains chlorine and fluoride. These aren’t good for your fish. Keeping a pH kit close by will help you ensure that the water is safe for your fish. It’s a good idea to use your pH kit after you’ve cleaned the tank to ensure that the water is safe. 
  • The ammonia levels in your tank are increased by fish waste: This can kill your fish. So be very diligent when it comes to cleaning. The bacteria live off the ammonia, so it’s best to find out how to keep the ammonia levels low from your pet store. 
  • Not all fish are friendly: Shocker, right? Some fish are extremely aggressive and territorial. Do some research before putting fish together to ensure that they are compatible. You don’t want your fish fighting and hurting each other. 

The Final Swim – Fish Pretty and Pretty Fish

Your toddler will find fish pretty! They make great first pets, and there are so many to choose from. The fish listed below are cheap, low maintenance, and easy to take care of. What more do you need for a first pet.