A Complete Guide on Nerd Reptiles

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NERD reptiles have become a sought-after pet for many people. They are no longer seen as creepy and scary, and society’s love for them has grown. One individual has taken their love for reptiles and turned it into a successful business, providing us with top-quality reptiles. 

What Do NERD reptiles mean?


The term ‘NERD’ is an abbreviation for New England Reptile Distributors. NERD not only provides reptiles but other great exotic animals as well. Tarantulas have become just as sought after, and NERD can provide you with them. NERD has been breeding with reptiles for more than 25 years. They produce unique animals that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else. They even provide animals to breeders. NERD has top-quality reptiles that have been raised with love and care. These experts know what reptiles require and have no problem guiding you when needed. 

About NERD Reptiles


NERD began as a hobby for Kevin McCurley, the founder, and owner of NERD. As shared by NERD, their philosophy is to provide continued support and meet the needs of their customers. They want their customers to enjoy reptiles as much as they do. Therefore, they strive to provide their customers with only the best animals available.

One of the objectives at NERD is to provide public education and awareness. Its mission is to promote awareness and conservation of various habitats and species. This is because they take conservation very seriously. It is important to them. NERD offers educational lectures to schools, churches, and universities within their immediate area. 

They believe that education and up-close interaction can have the best impact on people as they can change their perspective about the world and creatures around them. The NERD educational lectures and animal encounters offer face to face with various animals they might have never seen otherwise. 

List of Animals Available

NERD is well known for its wide variety of reptiles. Although that is not all they offer, it is a top seller. If you’re looking for a quality reptile, consider New England Reptile Distributors! Listed below are some of the animals you could purchase from NERD.


  • Ball Pythons
  • Reticulated Pythons
  • Boas
  • Blood and Short tail pythons
  • Colubrids
  • Carpet Pythons
  • Green Tree Pythons
  • Burmese Pythons


  • Asian Water Monitors
  • Skinks
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Cuvier’s Dwarf Caimans
  • Uromastyx


  • PacMan Frogs
  • Amazon Milk Frogs
  • Dart Frogs
  • Tortoises
  • Painted Terrapins

FThe Policies at NERD Reptiles

NERD has various policies regarding the sale and care of their animals. NERD guarantees that all animals purchased from them are consistently healthy and sexed within the specifications. They, as the seller, guarantee that the animals purchased are exactly as specified in color, pattern, size, and sex. They do offer a replacement or refund if you are not satisfied with your reptile, given you report it within 24 hours.

New England Reptile Distributors have a live arrival guarantee. If your animal is dead upon arrival, you need to contact them within one hour with a photo of the packaging and the animal. If any health issues surface or your animal is not as described, you have 24 hours to report it. NERD promises to work with you to resolve the issue at hand. They do not take responsibility for the temperament or disposition of an animal, as these things cannot be guaranteed. 

New England Reptile Distributors offer 30 days and 60-day payment plans. These plans require half of the amount as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Your First Reptile


Deciding to purchase your first reptile is easy at NERD. Their website offers various care categories, not only according to the species but also to the breed. At NERD, you are sure to receive a healthy reptile with top-quality customer service. The staff will help educate you on your desired reptile to ensure it is a great fit. New England Reptile Distributors offer already tamed reptiles as well. This is a great choice for your first reptile, as you’ll get the hang of handling it. 

What You Should Know:

  • Understand the value of temperature gradients
  • Use the long tube UVB lights
  • Always pay attention to humidity requirements
  • Take care of your reptile’s feeders
  • It takes time and effort to tame a reptile
  • Vet visits are necessary for reptiles as well
  • Always fact check before believing what you’ve heard

In The End

New England Reptile Distributors provide great quality reptiles that are well taken care of. They offer various educational programs and focus on the conservation of animals and their habitats. In addition, NERD provides top-quality customer care, ensuring that all your needs are met when making a purchase. With more than 25 years of experience, NERD knows best.